Tuesday, March 14, 2017


UHHHH !!!!!  This new time is starting to wear on me as the alarm sounded at 7am with the arrival of g-daughter and it was still dark outside. She did however go back to sleep until 8:00 this morning !
She ate breakfast while I got dressed and then we headed into town to her play school.
She was ready to get in the room and start playing this morning and there were only 2 other kids there on this cold morning.
I came home to get chores done and have breakfast. It is too cold for an outside walk today and still very damp with the effects of the overnight 4/10ths inch of rain I poured from the gauge this morning so I walked with Leslie Sansome today on the internet. She was sweating by the time we finished but I was not, oh well !!!
On the way back to pick g-daughter up the snow flakes were blowing and the distant mountains were in a haze of blowing snow.
G-daughter only took a quick nap on the way home and woke up as soon as we got out of the Honda today.
She had lunch and then we watched her favorite Sesame Street. She loves the music and singing .
And strangely her favorite character on the show is the Count and she loves stomping out the number of the day with him !!!
She was a live wire all afternoon refusing to take even a short nap !  She would climb up in my lap and get still and then almost as if she realized she might fall asleep she would jump down and continue to play.
After she got picked up I rested a few minutes until hubbie came in from work. We started the chores a little early today with the heavy blowing snow and very cold wind in the 30 degree temperature.
This snow is pretty as it blows around but thankfully it isn't sticking to anything at least not yet !!

We fed extra feed tonight to everything to help them get through the mid teens night with the wind dropping the chill factor to new 0.
I think it wouldn't seem so cold if we hadn't gotten used to the unseasonably warm temps of the last month. This cold snap is going so far south there are many farms that are going to be wiped out of the earlier peaches and berries this year.

Strangely there is more snow cover in the country now in mid March than there has been all winter !
It felt good to get things done outside and get inside in front of the wood stoves. This is a two fire night as we have fires in the downstairs and upstairs stoves tonight.
It is 26 degrees at 10:30 so I'm sure we will hit the predicted mid teen range.
So thankful tonight for a warm home to stay in and praying for all the folks on the streets that aren't so lucky.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Looks like my cold and snow headed your way. Let time we had this much snow was the beginning of December. Poor Robins that came back early this year are suffering. Love g-daughter's pigtails. Blessings