Thursday, February 9, 2017


Up early to wind whipping against the bedroom windows. It was raining pretty hard when I went to bed last night and there was 3/10ths inch in the gauge this morning.  Lots of schools in counties north of us are closed today from snow fall so we are lucky to just have gotten rain. The wind is the story today as it gusts up to 50mph and the upper 30's high temps will feel like single digits.
I did chores and got ready for market thinking all along if I didn't have this one order for 1 and 1/2 caramel cakes I would stay home and keep the fires burning today.
I got to market just a few minutes later than regular time and there was absolutely no customers anywhere and very little traffic on the streets in town.
Thankfully the lady came to pick up her order early and I did sell a couple other things to fellow vendors. After about 2 hours of not seeing but a couple customers walk through I decided this afternoon would be a perfect time for "tax" month February to begin and packed up my things and left.
I made regular stops at the bank, Aldi and Walmart for groceries and baking supplies on my way home. There was definitely very few folks out shoping today even in Walmart the isles were empty of customers.
I got home just in time to have lunch and then I dove into daughters and Josh's taxes. I knew theirs would take the longest because of their marriage this past year.
After several calls to each of them I was finishing up their figures just as hubbie got home from work. I will need to get some new printer ink before I finalize the returns.
Hubbie and I watched the early news and then bundled up to get the chores done.
Re brought the kids over to say good bye as they are heading back to Ohio tomorrow to handle more legal things for the custody trial for Re's nieces. Aa will stay behind and work and run the farm.
I got more of my 10 year tax receipts shredded before relaxing to watch a couple shows on TV. One of the shows we have been watching is called Alone and tonight was the last episode in it. So we watched it instead of the UNC / Duke basketball and I'm glad since Duke won !!
This is one of those rare posts that I don't have any pictures with so here is the February 1997 decade pics.
We had a huge ice storm and then very cold temps that year in February.

I have lived along side Clear Creek all my life and have only seen it frozen over a couple times and this is one of those times and probably the hardest I have ever seen it frozen.
Daughter and her dog Sugar and #2 son do some ice skating !!!
Pepper , one of our then 4-legged kids !
And I think if my memory serves me right this was #1 son's "bean growing" science project that year.
He planted the seeds and covered them with different colored cloth to see the difference in growth.
 Daughter finished her 6th grade recreation league basketball season.

Fun memories and I have a thankful heart each time I look at these old pics that I thought to start preserving these old photographs in this way.
Thankful to God tonight for the blessings of this day and for  His protective arms on us from the storm.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Interesting pictures with the ice all over the trees. Can't believe the ice everywhere. Praying for Re that all goes well and soon she will get custody of her nieces. Have a great weekend. Blessings