Thursday, February 23, 2017


A  6:30 wake up call from Dolly (the 4-legged kid) who needed an early potty time today got my day off to an early start. After taking her outside and standing in the cool morning, thankfully it wasn't really cold but 50 degrees already, but I still got wide awake before I headed back to bed so there was no going back to sleep for me as I just dozed and waited for daylight.
It is a foggy morning and Cayenne looks ghostly against the foggy background.

After chores I got ready to head out to market for a little while. I have one order today so when that gets picked up if it is as slow as I think it will be I am running errands early and coming home to get hubbie and my taxes at least started.
I kept wondering why I was so late getting them done this year but then I thought I always use Thursdays to do them and this year I have been going to market on Thursdays .
When they announced the market would be open on Thursdays it was my plan to only go on the nice warm sunny days but haha so far all Thursdays along with most other days in January and February have been sunny and warm.
So far today as I sit here and type this beginning of my blog post for today the aisles have been totally empty today. I hope the order gets picked up early  but if it doesn't I can take it to the bank with me and deliver it as Jan ,who orders this caramel covered chocolate cake each year for her dad's birthday at this time works there.
I got a nice surprise when a friend who routinely comes to market about everyday we are open came carrying this up to my table saying her rescued it from the trash from a church down the street from market. I love these old wooden things and this is a wonderful old wooden rocking horse statue.
One of it's front feet is broken so maybe that is why they were throwing it away. I think hubbie can match the nice wood and glue a hoof back on. It is very heavy and I couldn't believe Joe carried this all the way down here just for me.  Thanks Joe Hill, you are an angel !
Jan picked her order up just before noon and I sold another caramel cake at the same time to another of the few customers that came through today.
I ate my lunch and then packed up and left market about 12:30, ran my errands and made it home at 2:00.  After I unloaded and had a snack I started our taxes. Whew , I was running everywhere looking for figures to plug in.
When hubbie came in from work I signed out and will work on them again hopefully tomorrow.
I get aggravated after searching for all the figures that have to be filled in and then in he end they don't make any difference anyway but have to be shown on the tax forms,grrrrrr !!!
Hubbie and I did chores and had supper then he watched races on TV while I caught up some paperwork and worked on the computer. I don't like to work on taxes with any distracting noise so I'll wait until there is no TV noise tomorrow.
Talked to daughter tonight and her basketball season is now officially over as her team lost in the second round of the state play-offs tonight to Kings Mountain.
I know she is really tired with all the everyday practices as she gets further into her pregnancy and will be glad to have free afternoons.
I saw this tonight and it reminded me of what a friend and I were talking about the other day about how in the world we survived our childhoods with all the scary things that are now banished.
I can't help but look back and think how much fun kids today are missing out  !!!!
Thankful for all the blessings of this day and for the gracious love of my Lord and Savior everyday.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Yes, how did we ever survive. I am all for protecting our children but I think sometimes we "hover" too much. When I see how todays children can't handle even a small disappointment I wonder how will they survive "life" with all its disappointments. Guess all we can do is keep praying for them. Have a great weekend and Blessings to you and the family.