Wednesday, December 18, 2013


 I decided this morning that I am truly going to be sad when Christmas passes this year taking along with it my morning serenade of Christmas carols I get each day on the drive to school with g-son.
He made up a song this morning about his "special grandma" that just warmed my heart and made my day !!!
I started baking cakes as soon as the regular morning duties were over.
With that big order which has blossomed to 10 caramel cakes  it made for some extra baking. I baked 18 caramel, 2 chocolate,1 coconut and 2 pound cakes along with some sweet potatoes for hubbie and me for supper.
After lunch I went to my sewing shop to fill another order I have for tomorrow for 2 draft dodgers. These are 36 inch long slender pillows made to stop drafts under doors or windows. This lady has towels rolled up taped with duct tape and wanted something prettier to replace the towels before her Christmas company came.
I actuall cut out and made 3 so she could choose between dark or lighter colors. I made 2 dark and 1 lighter colored to match the one I already had at market. She was thrilled when I called to say they were ready.
I had some time before it was time to pick up g-son so I worked on getting my decade photos for this month sorted out. I have been so busy this month this is the first spare time to work on this I've had.
After getting g-son home  and settled with his after school mac and cheese I finished the project for this month.
His mom came home early so he walked home in the nice sunshine of the low 40's afternoon. After chores and supper hubbie and I babysat little Evy while her mom and dad went to the young couples Christmas dinner at church. She is getting so big and independent. She insisted on holding her own bottle even if it took awhile to realize she had to keep it turned up.
She loves this musical toy and spent about 30 minutes holding onto the top of it dancing before the sandman showed up and she went to bed.

I was icing cakes when her mom and dad came to pick her up. Unfortunately we haven't mastered moving her without waking her up so hopefully she doesn't have trouble going back to sleep when she gets home.
Back to the decade photo subject.
I was surprised there weren't any old Christmas pics,even in my early years of 1963 or 1973. However in 1983 I made up for the lack in the preceding years with gobs of pics of my two little boys enjoying their second and first Christmas's.
During those years if you have followed my blog long you know those were hectic Christmas's with three grandparents expecting to spend time with us each Christmas.
Christmas 1983 was also a very special Christmas because it was our families first Christmas in our new home. The house hubbie and I still live in.
On Christmas eve hubbie's mom and dad hosted a gathering for hubbie's brother's family and ours.
My niece and nephew were all smiles. I made my niece a raggedy Ann and Andy that year.

So was my #1 son as he opened his early presents.
#2 son was seriously unwrapping his gift with the help of his Pawpaw.
Back home they both snoozed with "visions of sugarplums" dancing in their dreams !!
While hubbie and I got everything set up for an exciting morning !!  Setting up was easy back then with not alot of "putting together" !
Two sleepy eyed little boys were very excited with their gifts on Christmas morning.

After a short playtime with their new toys it was off to another grandparent's house. This was hubbie's grandparents who lived on top of Sugarloaf Mountain.  Later our boys would called her "crunchberry granny" because she always had boxes of crunchberry cereal for them to eat.
 #1 son helps his great grandmother open her gifts.
We always had lunch there every Sunday and on Christmas day each year.
We got a brief rest time back home before we headed over to my mother's house for a Christmas day supper.
This is me, my two brothers and my mother.
She has #2 son smiling happily for the camera.
#1 son gets his first cap pistol and loved the noise from the start.
#2 son was always smiling.
Aunt Laurie got into the action !!!
This is the ex-aunt that #2 son is buying the house from.
It was a hectic time back then but oh what wonderful memories were made.   I wouldn't take a million bucks for some of these old photos and the memories that they evoke.
I am grateful each and every day for the wonderful life God choose for me and the people He put around me.  Striving to glorify His name in all that I do.
Good Night and God Bless.

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