Monday, December 2, 2013


UHHH!!!! The first Monday morning after a holiday break is always eye opening when that clock goes off !!
G-son arrived before 7am, thankfully hubbie got up with him but this was another one of those Monday mornings when it was me he wanted to talk to before hubbie took him to school.
I did chores and had breakfast then started a really odd Monday by baking cakes, lots of cakes !

A local business contacted daughter and I about making caramel cakes to give to all their business associates. They had been getting cookies from a local lady for years but she retired this year. They need 120 cakes in 2 week orders of 60 each.  Daughter is handling all the labels and logistics and I am doing the baking. She may have to help do some icing later if my back wears out !!
I figured out a schedule that will get the 60 cakes done by Wednesday night hopefully if all goes as planned.  This morning I baked 60 layers for 30 cakes.
I had a late lunch then rested my back from the mixing by putting up more Christmas decorations.
I got all the outside trees up,no lights on them yet but they are up and ready for them.
I emptied 2 of the inside containers and got the contents put up and then re-filled the containers with my normal shelf sitters to make room for the festive Christmas shelf sitters. I emptied off this old wood stove that sits in my dining room.
This was the  stove from my dad's old house.It is ready for the Christmas village.
The only thing I did complete was the outside Nativity Scene and I lit it up tonight for the first night.

After picking g-son up from school and getting him fed he was excited to help with some of the decorating.
Hubbie stayed busy outside in the nice 55 degree day even with the clouds hanging around on his wood pile and got a start at cleaning off the garden.
After evening chores I started my icing. G-son was excited to still be here while his dad was checking on his hunting stand so he could have a bowl of caramel icing.
I iced 24 caramel cakes tonight before my back gave out on me. Hubbie made boxes and I got all 24 of them wrapped and boxed.
I am thankful for this unexpected business to help my Christmas funds !!
Looking forward to a wonder season of celebrating the birth of our dear Savior.
Good Night and God Bless.


Far Side of Fifty said...

You are one busy gal! :)

linda m said...

God has blessed you with the unexpected order. A lot of work but the reward is great. Blessings.