Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Another morning dealing with phone problems. A lady called from S.C. to give me a large cake order and I couldn't even hear her over the static on the phone line. I finally managed to get her my cell # to call back on.
 When I called the local supervisor he said he would have someone here in about 30 minutes. I remind you they were just here working on it Sunday !!
About 2 hours later I got a call from the repairman who was headed this way. He said he would call me back when he had the problem located. I never got a call back from this repairman.
And when I tried to get on the internet to post my blog last night I had no internet. I picked up the phone and there was complete silence.  I called the supervisor back and told him what was going on.
So needless to say I am writing this blog on Thursday and back dating it.
I spent the morning finishing up my caramel cake icings before starting the day behind laundry chores and housecleaning.
I got up a few Christmas decorations before picking up g-son from school.
He helped me pick out a few more decorations to put up but he is really selective about what he wants to decorate so it went really slowly. But he enjoys it so much I can play along.
After his mom picked him up for church I tackled the week behind paperwork and bill paying. It always amazes me at how much extra work accumulates with just one missed week.
I took a break and watched Survivor on TV then went back to my desk.
I iced some chocolate lava cakes that daughter made for a special order to picked up here tomorrow night then called it a day.
I twisted my knee stepping off a ladder during the decorating this afternoon and it is hurting pretty bad tonight. Never does a year of decorating go by that I don't hurt something.  Oh well I still love doing it !!
This has been another above normal almost 60 degree day but the clouds have hung around all day again.
Praising God for all my blessings.
Good Night and God Bless.


knancy said...

I read your blog every night. I truly enjoy it. The reason I am commenting is that I find a lot of us are having problems with our connections. I am talking phone, internet, etc. I pay high dollar for this stuff and am lost with out it. I wonder if there is something one needs to do to remedy this?

knancy said...

It seems to be nation wide. Perhaps, they know how much we depend on this technology and have no recourse but to pay or else do with out? I have no children or siblings close. If my connections go down then I would be totally alone. I would also miss your blog. It is a little scary. Love seeing all your pictures. Would you take more of your chickens?