Friday, December 13, 2013


When g-son got here this morning it was 18 degrees on the thermometer,brrr.
After getting him to school and breakfast I went out to let all the animals out of their nice warm houses. I used pans for waterers today as my plastic waterers will freeze before the temps get above freezing this morning.
Glad to have things to do inside today. I baked 2 pound cakes this morning and got another order ready for a pick up later today.
I decorated my kitchen tree and got some more decorating done. I am beginning to wonder if I am going to get this complete before Christmas eve. I did remember these new ornaments for this year from last February when I went  to the Biltmore House.

After a quick lunch I headed over to g-son's school to help with a surprise Christmas party.
This is a picture the grandmother who was organizing the party took of the happy class yesterday.
G-son is the one with his arms in the air in the grey sleeves.
Today we sat up craft, food , hammered ornament and playtime with some old timey toys stations with a couple volunteers or teachers at each station.
My station was food. This is an upside down gingerbread man turned into a reindeer's head.
We decorated and dipped and had a wonderful time making a delicious snack for the end of the party.
These two were the brave ones as they held the nails while the kids hammered out designs on ornaments.

The old timey toys were a hit with the kids as most of them had never seen anything like these before.
The craft table was a very exciting place to be as they all worked on ornaments and cards to take home later.

It was a nicely organized party and all the kids seemed to enjoy it very much and they were all very well behaved.
And finally it was time to eat all those goodies they worked so hard to create.
I was in my Santa hat and Christmas apron so hopefully one of the other mothers or teachers will share a pic of me to post on here later.
We partied until the end of the day then g-son and I headed home. He was still hungry when we got here and had his mac and cheese as usual.
As I watched the news tonight they showed a retirement party for this doctor. I realized this was the doctor that delivered both my boys. His name was fittingly Dr. Love.
Happy retirement doc !
I feel funny on a Friday night with no cakes to ice. The weather is going to be so nasty tomorrow I am sure market will be a ghost town.
Talked to daughter on her way home from a basketball game at Tuscola High School and they won both the JV and varsity girls games.
It is 37 degrees at 11:00 so maybe the rain won't start as ice.
Grateful tonight for my blessings of the day and praying that all the kids in g-son's class have a wonderful Christmas.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

Looks like a good time was had by all. The weather here is snow, snow and more snow. So far I am not enjoying this winter. Blessings

Betsy Adams said...

Our rains were heavy earlier today--but have stopped for now... We are hoping to get to work in the yard some this afternoon --stacking wood-- but it's pretty muddy out there.

Love your Biltmore ornament. We have one which we bought a few years ago. By the way, check out my Photo Blog this week. I posted a night photo we took when at Biltmore at night recently.