Sunday, December 29, 2013


Church was really special this morning. Four people were Baptized and two of them were the young man who is a cousin and friend and his wife who I have blogged about before. It  was so spiritually refreshing to see God working in these young lives. They were all Baptized by our associate Pastor Craig because he had worked so delligently with them.  May all the Glory be to God !!!

At the end of today's service this same couple dedicated their two young children to the Lord and to our Christian family.
After church we had a spaghetti lunch for everyone except Aaron and Rebekah who are still too sick to get out and didn't really want any lunch brought to them.
After we ate the entire family made a trip to Sams Club and Ingles to pick up some New Years Eve lunch supplies and check out the after Christmas items they had for sale. Everyone found something. #2 son who doesn't have a Sam's card went along to get a new cell phone as the one he has is over four years old and stopped working yesterday.
When everyone got home and went on their way it was time to do the chores. I emptied 1 3/10ths inches of rain from the gauge that fell over night and boy is everything sloppy around here. I wished I had taken a picture of all the water just standing in the bottoms.
To finish up the decade pics for this month and year this is the "unknowns" for the month.

Hoping someone out there has a clue to the identities of any of these probably made in the 1940's or 50's.
As this year comes to an end the newspaper today had the 10 top news stories for our area listed. I probably talked about some of them in earlier post.
The number one story happened in May when a man that went to school with my #1 son gunned down his wife and her mom and dad in front of his two children. He led police on a chase before shooting himself.
       The number two story was actually continued into this year. It was of the four teen boys from East Henderson High School that were accused of raping a girl they went to school with at a party at the home of one of the boys. One of the boy's parents reached out to the "Dr. Phil" show and got a broadcast where her son and the victim got a chance to air their stories to a nationwide audience.They still haven't had their trial as it just keeps getting postponed.
       Number three story was the conviction of a well known developer who defrauded millions of dollars from investors of a large development called Seven Falls.
       Number four was the arrest of a local private school principle and teacher for transporting child pornography. The shocking thing was that the young model used was the teachers own daughter.
       Number five was the miraculous recovery of a young mother and her infant son who were hit head-on by a drunk driver. The husband and father works with #1 son.
        Number six  was a sad story of a grandmother in Brevard who was having health problems and forgot her young grandson was in her car leaving the car out in the summer heat and killing the four year old boy. She wasn't charged with any crime.
         Number seven was the drowning death of a boy that was a football star at the local North Henderson High School. He was swimming with a group of friends at lake Summit when he jumped from a bridge and cramped. It was in June but the water where he drowned was so deep and cold divers and equipment had to brought in from Charlotte to help find him after a three day search.
         Number eight was a rare re-trial conviction of a man with the  killing of his girlfriend. In the first trial the jury was in a hopeless deadlock.  The second trial was a unanimous guilty verdict.
         Number nine was the break up and arrest of members of a huge meth ring in our county with the arrest of 29 people. They seized more than $42,000 in cash, 4 weapons, 2 automobiles, 32 grams of cocaine, 5.74 pounds of meth, 84 grams of marijuana.  Wow ! that sounds like a major haul to me!!
         And last of the ten was the government shut down that threw the entire country into a tailspin.
The shutdown locked down all national parks and at the peak of tourist leaf peeping season for our area.  The Blue Ridge Parkway which passes through our area had to be blocked off.

These stories might sound sleepy to a lot of big city folks but for our small town they were the big news of the year. 
Stay tuned for more year ending post !!

Received some very sad news tonight,Elaine Staton, the Curb Market manager and a good friend of mine lost her battle with pheumonia tonight.  She developed a very bad lung infection and wasn't able to breath on her own. After she was hooked to a machine and her family was called in the decision was made to not let her live on a machine. Unbelievable that this lady lost her live in such a short time, only in the hospital one week.  I pray tonight for God's comfort for her brother, son and daughters as well as her grandchildren who were the lights of her life.  I am glad to know that she is happily skipping along hand in hand with her husband Stanley who had went on ahead a couple years ago. RIP Elaine, you will be surely missed.
Praying tonight for God's grace as I stumble along this crooked pathway of life.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

You had a very interesting year. Praise be to God on for the baptism of four new members. Hope all is well at your house, especially with all the crazy weather we are having. Blessings

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Betsy Adams said...

Just stopping by to wish you and yours a fantastic year ahead.

Sorry to read that you were sick --but sounds like you are better now... Looks like you all had a great Christmas. Sorry to hear about the death of the market manager.. Prayers for the family.

Happy New Year.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Lots of news stories..and some so tragic and sad.
My sympathy inn the loss of your friend, we never know from one day to the next what the good Lord has in store for us.
Happy New Year:)