Thursday, December 12, 2013


Got a wake up call from #1 son saying he was taking today off work to help his in-laws again and he would take g-son to school this morning. I didn't get any extra sleep because today is market day.
As I got ready for market Rebekah and her visiting brother came by to take a look at Aaron's big deer head in the freezer downstairs. We had a nice short visit while I was getting things ready for market.
It was a slow day at market as expected when I turned down main street and saw very little traffic.
 The streets have little decorations on them, only some animals, mostly dogs in the planters along the serpentine street.
The winds picked up during the morning making it feel much colder than the lower 40's temperatures. I don't blame folks for staying home today !
I only had a couple errands to run after market and just a Walmart and Ingles stop today. While I was in Walmart other grandmother who had picked up g-son from school called and dropped him off with me while she ran errands in town.
He was hungry and after a Happy Meal from the McD's in the store he was singing Christmas carols.
At least he made everyone we met smile !!
In Ingles they had hams on sale so I stocked up for Christmas gatherings and New Years day.
We got home about the same time as hubbie got home from work so he helped us unload. G-son had mac and cheese and Texas toast with cookies and a candy cane for dessert.
I did chores in the chilly evening air then sat down for a quick supper. While I ate g-son reminded me the Christmas tree needed ornaments on it and he thought this was a good time. So I got out the ornaments and he went to work. The tree topper Angel had to be in place first.
 He is very particular with his placement of the ornaments.
 This is his favorite, it was made by one of my kids probably when they were about his age. It is a dog bone puppy dog ornament.

 I helped some with the more fragile ornaments and the ones he just didn't like !!  He did a great job and was very proud of himself for getting the job done. Love this little guy !!!!
Mom and dad are both going to be late getting home so  after we finished decorating it was homework time. He read the entire book with only a little help on a couple words.
At least when his dad picked him up all he had to do was go home and take a bath to get ready for school tomorrow. 
I worked on getting some more business cards ordered tonight as I am about to run completely out at market. It took longer than I expected because every time I tried to pay they would give me another discount and I would need to buy something else to get my total back up to the "free shipping" level. I wound up getting 500 extra cards along with some stickers both regular and holiday, a couple lighted key chains and some personalized magnets for the same price the labels started out at, so it was worth the extra time it took.
Thankful tonight for the blessing of being able to watch g-son grow up and the joys grand children bring  into the life of grandparents.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Your pictures are so cute. I love your little helper and what a great job he did. The tree looks so pretty. My favorite picture is g-son sitting on Grandpa's lap. Blessings