Monday, December 9, 2013


Slept in a little this morning as hubbie got up with g-son and took him to school. He got a haircut on the way home so I had some extra snooze time on a cold rainy morning.
After chores and breakfast we headed over to do some errands in Asheville we've been putting off. Thankfully the rain slacked off before we hit the interstate for the drive over.
We stopped at the WNC Farmers market for some fruit. We couldn't find the Ponkans we went after so we settled for a box of Lee's fruit and a box of Ruby Red sweet potatoes.
We also made stops at the Asheville tractor supply and a Walmart on the way home. After a quick lunch at Subway we made it home about 1:00.
I settled in the kitchen to do some cake baking and hubbie had some work to do outside. The day has turned out not so bad with the clouds not delivering the amount of rain that was predicted.
There was 1 1/4" of rain in the gauge this evening.
I got 12 more caramel cakes baked, that's all the extra pans I had .
Hubbie went to pick up g-son. I got him settled in with some mac and cheese and hubbie left to do some "honey dos" over at daughter's house. Some of her Murray Cypress border trees had blown over in last weeks wind and she wasn't strong enough to get them stood back up.
Hubbie took large stakes over to hopefully keep them upright.
I got my new clear lighted small tree decorated in the sunroom while g-son watched TV.
After chores tonight it was back to the kitchen for me to ice the 18 caramel cakes I baked last night.
Old Santa made the climb to the top of Chimney Rock today.
I'm sure he thought the climb was worth it to get this beautiful view.
Aaron and Rebekah came by this evening and I now have a huge 10 point deer head in my big chest freezer down stairs that he shot.
The temperature at 11:30 tonight is 45 degrees, makes me wonder what the morning will bring ??
Grateful to God for safe travel today and for all the blessings of the day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Sounds like you had a production day with all that extra snooze time. Glad you didn't get any more rain. Love the Santa pictures. It is still very cold here -4 degrees this morning, so I am staying inside and cleaning today. Just put on K-LOVE radio station and a cleaning I will go. Blessings