Friday, December 20, 2013


The last day of school for almost 2 weeks,aaaaahhhh!
G-son was excited to be taking teacher's gifts this morning. After I added some things I had to their bags he asked if I would walk in with him and help carry the heavy bags.
This is so different from last year, last year he wouldn't even walk near me when I had to help him carry things to his classroom, this year he asked for help and walks beside me and talks all the way to his classroom.
I came home and hurried through chores so I could begin my baking for today. I have 18 caramel,7 coconut,4 chocolate and 3 blackberry wine cakes to bake today to fill my orders and have some to sell. With the early dismissal coming at noon I had to cut the ovens off after getting about half of the cakes baked.
The car rider line is always extra long on these early dismissal days and the clouds sure are getting dark in front of the rain that is coming into our area tonight and tomorrow.
I had to go to Ingles for frozen coconut while we were out and g-son and I both made ourselves a salad for lunch from their bar.
Back home I continued my baking having to cut the ovens off again about 2:30 after all the layer cakes were done to go get #2 son's truck and take it to the shop to have a new rear-view mirror installed. A van hit the old one and knocked it off his truck as he sat in a construction zone the other day as he waited for his turn to go through.As I drove the truck across town to the shop I understand why he wanted it fixed as soon as possible. You don't realize how much you look into that rear view mirror until it is gone. I was terrified each time I changed lanes that I would hit a car in the lane next to me.
Daughter picked g-son and I up at the auto shop and we did a little shopping while they fixed the truck. It only took them about an hour to get the new mirror in place.
I took the truck back to his work place and g-son and I came home. He got his book bag and walked home where his dad was waiting.
I baked the wine cakes while I started to ice the caramel,chocolate and coconut cakes.
Hubbie helped me get the orders all in boxes and he carried the coconut cakes down to the refrigerator downstairs after they were iced to save my knees which are already sore from all the standing.
I finally finished about midnight and fell into bed. I think I will definitely be dancing this time tomorrow night !!!
Thanking God for the strength He gives me each day and for walking beside me each step I take.
Good Night and God Bless.

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