Monday, December 23, 2013


Little Evy  arrived early this morning after her mom got off working all night. She was here so her mom could  sleep this morning for a couple hours to get ready for our shopping trip to Brevard.
G-son came in a little later so his dad could get some work done today. We had a great morning with these two as g-son is getting better about entertaining a nine month old baby.
She is crawling all around and trying to walk so she has to be watched really closely now.
Daughter and Rebekah came in about the same time so we headed up to the little town of Brevard for our annual shopping trip in this small town.
We found a couple nice stores that we all bought a few things in but we didn't have any trouble finding room to haul our purchases home.
G-son and Pawpaw got to do their favorite thing in the O. P. Taylor toy store.
 Can you tell he is having fun ??? They always have this huge race track set up downstairs for folks to race on.
Now he loved racing with all these pretty girls much better than racing Pawpaw !!!
We had lunch at our favorite old soda shop on the main street.
We shopped and shopped in all the little stores and had a wonderful time. G-son had a really great time and was very well behaved so Santa should bring him all the goodies he asked for.
And this little trouper that daughter is holding was impressively good without napping until we got in the van to head home.She jabbered and cooed and everyone thought she was the cutest thing !
We made a stop on the way home to get fueled up with some hot drinks. I felt kind of yucky after that sweet drink and was afraid I was getting sick until daughter said she felt the same way. Fortunately we both got over that feeling quickly.
Back home it was chore time and the temperature has dropped significantly since this morning headed for the mid 20's overnight.
I emptied 4 inches of rain from the gauge this evening, no wonder there was a minor flood last night!
Hubbie and I spent the evening wrapping all our gifts tonight.
There is definitely a different feel to the air tonight and a much more seasonal cold spell for the next two days. Some folks in the higher mountains might even get some snow flurries on Christmas eve.
All this changing weather has given me a scratchy throat tonight and I am praying that it is not a lead in to something else.
God had His lights on in all their glory this evening as the last of the clouds faded with the sunset.

Grateful to God tonight for giving us the miracle savior of His son Jesus Christ.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Wishing you a very Blessed Christmas.