Sunday, December 15, 2013


This was the stage setting at church this morning as we had our Christmas choir program today.
The choir and some of our choir directors band students were all in the balcony.
The kids had a part in it as they sang Away In A Manger.
 G-son loves to sing Christmas carols but usually doesn't look this serious. I think all the kids were surprised at how crowded the church was today.
D-in-love switched between playing violin and base with all the old carols that several singers preformed.

Little Evy was a trooper and was very well behaved during the entire program as we passed her around to keep her occupied.
She definitely became interested when it was her mom's turn to sing.
This trio ended the program with O Holly Night and it was my favorite of the day !!  Rebekah is in the middle.
It was a wonderful Christmas service and I love the old carols that were sung.
We had lunch with #1 son,d-in-love,g-son, Aaron, Rebekah and Evy. We had ham, baked mac and cheese, deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn and biscuits,yummy.
Rebekah who worked all last night at the hospital went home shortly after lunch to get some much deserved sleep. Aaron stayed until Evy woke from her nap before he left. #1 son's family went to Asheville on a shopping trip.
Daughter had some things to do for her church youth's Christmas party tonight and #2 son  is working hopefully his last Sunday delivering packages for the USPS.
I worked on getting all the plastic containers that had held my Christmas decorations back to the shed and I hooked most of the front lights up. I still like a couple small trees so I'll wait for pictures.
The wind started blowing tonight and the temperature is dropping into the mid 20's.
#2 son came by for the left-overs and said his loan is almost done and he may get to close by the end of this year which he is hoping for.
Daughter came by after her youth party to pick up a cake for one of her classes tomorrow.
D-in-love did some shopping for me and brought it by when she came back along with this picture of g-son with Santa. Love it that he will still have a pic made with the jolly old man !!! Instead of telling him what he wanted this year he gave him a written list.
Only one catch, Santa kept the written list !!!!????
Another blessed Sunday comes to an end leaving me with a very thankful heart.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

I have always loved the singing of Christmas carols in church. So beautiful. your Sunday dinner sounds so yummy. Can't believe how big g-son is getting. Blessings