Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Up at 7am to greet g-son. Hubbie is working today at least part of the day. They will probably get off early after they finish a job that needs to done today.
G-son was sad that he had no friend to play with today and shadowed me the entire day.
After morning chores, which he insisted on getting out in the cold and helping me with, and breakfast he finally got into a TV program while I started the laundry.
I got up with a purpose for today in mind. This is part of my "New Year's Resolutions" that I have a purpose for each day, even if it's just to have fun.   Today's purpose was to get started on my deep cleaning with our big bathroom.
So between laundry loads I emptied all the shelves, threw away outdated bottles, climbed to dust the high tops of cabinets,moved all the cabinets so the floors under them was cleaned, spray cleaned all the shelves, washed all the artificial flowers that decorate in there, removed all Christmas decorations, crawled into places I haven't been in since last year to clean and stooped and bent my body around all kinds of corners until the job was finally finished about 2:30.
Seems like it has taken a lot longer !!!
I took a break with a hot cup of tea and my new back massager while g-son and I had a chat. He is such a big boy now.
The weather outside is pretty cool with high's in the mid 40's under sunshiny skies.
Hubbie got off work about 3:00 and g-son was delighted to have someone new to play games with for  awhile.
After chores and after #1 son picked up g-son I had supper and then snuggled on the couch with Bernie and Dolly to watch the news.
Daughter came by to bring me three more salt lamps to go with the one she bought me for Christmas.
I had time to reflect tonight on this month as it comes to an end at midnight.

      For me it has been a very busy month, starting with a huge 100 caramel cake order at the first of the month which took a couple weeks to complete. This put me behind with my decorating and with the shorter time between Thanksgiving and Christmas already it was hard to stay un-stressed.  Curb market was steadily busy on Thursdays and Saturdays, with my last market day being on Saturday the 21st. We had all voted not to open on Tuesday Christmas Eve this year and I was so glad. I hosted hubbie's family to a very nice Christmas gathering on Sunday the 22nd and after our annual shopping trip to Brevard with hubbie, daughter, g-son, Rebekah and Evy on Monday I cooked all day on Christmas Eve to get ready for our family Christmas gathering which went wonderfully. Unfortunately on Christmas Day I started feeling pretty yucky and think I might have had a mild case of the flu that is going around for the next couple days.  The month ended very sadly for me as my friend and fellow Curb Market vendor died on the 29th of  a lung infections after being in the hospital only one week.
      Hubbie  had a routine month of work and wood cutting.

      #1 son's family enjoyed this month with g-son on a trip to Dollywood and a couple other Christmas gatherings with family and friends.

      #2 son has filled out and re-filled out banking papers all month in hopes that he will get to close on his new house before the end of the month but that didn't happen. He has had to work 7 days a week with the P.O.'s new deals with some on-line businesses to guarantee gift deliveries before Christmas.

      Daughter has coached her JV basketball team to a winning season so far and has assisted with the varsity team. She broke up with a boy friend she has been dating for about 5 months, siting differences in what each had planned for their futures. He didn't want her to coach which she dearly loves to do. Also he didn't want any more kids as he already has one and daughter definitely wants some kids. Daughter is also deeply involved in church and with the youth at church and he acted like he didn't want anything to do with any of that either.

       The month's weather has been up and down with lots of rain but no snow or ice thankfully.  The rain added to what we already  had made for a record breaking 75 inch total for the year.
As the clock ticks toward 10pm hubbie and I both know we won't make it to see the ball drop at midnight as we have not done in many years so this is just another winter evening for us.
I am so grateful to God for another wonderfully blessed month to end a wonderfully blessed  year.
Good Night, God Bless and Happy New Year.

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linda m said...

MyNew Year's wish for you is a year filled with Joy, Happiness and God's Love. Happy New Year!