Thursday, December 26, 2013


Woke this morning feeling like I had been run over by a huge truck. I finally dragged myself out of bed and managed to have some breakfast to make me feel some better before going outside in the still below freezing temps to turn the hens out and break all the water troughs.
Overnight lows for the past several nights have been at or below 20 degrees,leaving all the waterers filled with hard ice and little room for more water. The daytime temps are not getting out of the high 30's so not much thawing going on even with the bright sunshine.
We are supposed to see a warm up tomorrow to the mid to upper 40's.
I stayed on the couch the rest of the morning but after lunch felt better enough to need to get out and do something.  So hubbie and I rode out to Walmart to check out their sales. I need some more icicle lights to replace the ones that are now up which kept loosing sections of lights each time I turned them on.  Walmart must have really been busy earlier because there wasn't much left in the Christmas shop, not that I was interested in anyway.  I did find a matching lighted net to complete the ever growing evergreen tree at the front steps which has outgrown the two nets that I have been using on it.
Hubbie wanted to check Belks for a suit jacket and white dress shirt sale but they weren't on sale there yet,not even as good as the sales before Christmas.
Guess the stores are making a last ditch effort to recoup some of the money they didn't make in the really slow Christmas season.
The news has reported that this retail season was very disappointing to retailers once again. Last year the 2012 slow sales were compared to 2008 and mostly blames on a late season hurricane named Sandy but this year we had no major storms so I haven't heard what this slow season comparisons are.
Back home from our short shopping trip I did the chores and as I coughed I felt a stabbing pain in my left rib area that almost brought me to my knees.
Back on the couch with a heating pad for the evening for me !!!
I am supposed to go to the Biltmore House with Rebekah and her cousins tomorrow so I am praying for a miraculous healing overnight !!!
Grateful to God for all the gifts and blessings of the past year as it comes to a close.
Good Night and God Bless.

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