Sunday, December 22, 2013


Woke to a really rainy Sunday this morning.
I started a crock pot of homemade soup then sloshed through the chores. The rains became even harder as I got ready for church. It looks like we are in for a very rainy day.
Our area is under flood warnings for the entire day and night.
We had a nice service today, reviewing the journey of Mary and Joseph.
After church everyone made it to my lunch of homemade soup and Rebekah brought over a delicious salad to go with it.
After everyone left hubbie and I had a short break before we had to start cooking for our family gathering tonight. This is the night we celebrate Christmas with hubbie's brother and his family.
I put some finishing touches on my decorations and turned all the lights on.
The sunroom is my favorite room with all the lights on.

I had to call everyone and tell them to take a detour around the flooded road.
Cars were still driving through it around 5:00 but the family wasn't coming until 6:30 so I figured the water would be higher by then.Hubbie did all the chores tonight while I stayed in the kitchen and cooked. I baked a ham and a turkey breast, with mashed potatoes,green beans, gravy and a large Greek salad. Sis-in-law brought corn, mac and cheese, cake and cheese cake. Daughter brought some candied sweet potatoes. My nephew's wife Brianna brought a homemade cheese ball and deviled eggs.My niece Holly brought a big banana pudding.
We had plenty food and everyone enjoyed it very much.
The tree finally has some packages under it !!.
My two little nephews, a close cousin Kaylie and g-son had a ball playing while all the adults took turns eating in shifts and watching the kids.

There was a lot of good conversation and catching up with family members.
Finally everyone was finished eating and it was that much anticipated time "to open presents" !!!
They had no trouble digging right in.
The smiles on all the faces proved that the extra shopping was worth it.
G-son got a Sorry game and little E wanted in on the action as g-son and daughter put the game together and got ready to play.

It was a wonderful celebration with loved ones.
The flood waters had receded by the time everyone left and the rain has slacked off for the moment with more to come according to the radar.
Grateful to God tonight for the love he shows each day.
Good Night and God Bless.


Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

Merry Christmas To You and Yours.

It sounds like the entire family had fun, especially the kids.

Be careful with all this rain and flooding.

linda m said...

I really miss all the family get togethers we had when I was growing up. Everyone is so scattered around the country now it is very hard to get together. You are blessed to have family close by. Love you decorations and the photos on everyone are precious.. Blessings