Thursday, December 5, 2013


G-son was really ill tempered this morning as we got ready for school. Not a good way to start the day for him as he refused to eat breakfast so I know he will get hungry before his noon lunchtime !
I got ready for market on this warm morning. The rain is supposed to start sometime this morning. 
Market was really slow today . I got some towel angels made while I had no customers.
I even had time to do a little on-line Christmas shopping. I had a couple extra errands to run after market so I slipped out a little early but I'm sure no one noticed !!
I stopped by our insurance place to pay our home owner policy and had a nice visit with our agent/neighbor.
I made it home after 5:00 to find the lady waiting for her order. She had just gotten here so that was lucky because I had forgotten what time she was coming.
Hubbie came in right behind me and helped get unloaded. The rain is getting harder now and we did the chores in a steady down pour.
The third winter storm named Cleon is moving into drench us for the weekend.
Unfortunate for the downtown Christmas parade scheduled for Saturday.
Just as this storm reaches us the fourth storm enters the west coast, this one is called Dion.
Wonder what he will bring our way ???
Daughter lost both her ballgames last night as they played North Buncombe High school.
She also is a single girl again as her boyfriend Matt couldn't handle the time she spends coaching and doing other things with the church youth,etc.
She will find someone that loves her enough to support her in all that she does and until that one comes along she will be fine.
I think she saw this coming for awhile now as there was some other differences each one had for their future that were pretty significant. I talked to her a couple times today and she didn't seem very upset.
As I came home tonight #1 son was putting up Christmas lights around his house. G-son was so excited he was just running around in the yard singing.
Talked to #2 son tonight also and he said they have moved his closing up to the first or second week in January which he was glad about.
I am headed to bed early tonight to get some extra zzz's for a busy day ahead tomorrow. Hubbie and I got all the 60 caramel cakes loaded in the van so I can deliver them as soon as I drop off g-son in the morning.  They need 40 more next week so that won't be as busy as this week.
I have a couple large caramel cake orders for Saturday at market so tomorrow will be more of a baking day than I expected.  Hopefully more decorating can happen, I'm getting tired of looking at all the plastic containers setting around all the empty shelves !!
It has been uncomfortably warm this evening with high's today crawling above 60 degrees and remaining that way as it is 61 at 10:30 tonight with rain still falling.
God is so good all the time and blesses me in so many undeserved ways it is amazing.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Sorry to hear about you getting clobbered with a storm. But happy to hear you got your big cake order finished. G-son cracks me up when you talk about all the cute things he does - what a blessing he is to you. Thursday our high was 22 but with the wind chill it was about 15. Brrrr very cold here. Have a great weekend and God bless you.