Sunday, December 8, 2013


Woke to a nasty weather morning today. With the temp at 35 degrees and a cold rain falling the animals didn't even stick their heads out of their nice warm houses when I opened the doors !
Church was special today as the pre-school and children's chior put on their play and sang songs of the birth of Jesus.
This is the pre-school chior all dressed up in their "donkey ears" for their songs.
The children's choir put on a little play and sang lots of songs to complete our worship service today.
G-son was a Wiseman in part of the play.
The reason his partner is laughing in this pic is because g-son had just sneezed into the microphone !

 All the kids did a great job and conveyed the true meaning of  the Christmas season very well. They all sang out loudly and remembered all their lines.  Great job kids and directors !!!
We had lunch with #1 son's family and Aaron, Rebekah and Evy while daughter went to another church to watch a friend of her's in her Christmas play and #2 son is working. He will have to work every Sunday until Christmas picking up packages.
He and daughter came by later for late lunches.
After everyone left I got some more decorating done. I love this tree out in the sunroom that sports snowmen lights, snowflakes and red apples.
With a fire glowing in this fake fireplace stove the room looks so inviting I just love being out there.
I also got an idea for another tree in here but will have to buy a small clear lighted tree tomorrow. I also got another of my favorite trees decorated. This tree sits on the old woodstove with my snow village decor and has only homemade ornaments on it along with the cow lights..
I also broke my "no work on Sunday" rule again and got a jump start on my last 40 cakes of the 100 cake order I took by baking 18 cakes tonight,forgive me Lord !!
I poured out only about 3/10ths inch of rain from the gauge tonight at chore time. The temperature tonight at 10:30 is 36 degrees and the light rain continues to fall making for a cold, foggy night out there. Predicted temperatures are too warm for any ice to form so we fortunately dodged the ice bullet this time.
So grateful tonight for my wonderful life and as I watched the children this morning at church I silently prayed thankfulness for being able to sit and watch the second generation in my family in these Christmas musicals.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

The children's Christmas patent is always my favorite at church. G-son looks so cute. Love your decorations. They look so pretty.