Friday, December 6, 2013


So glad it isn't raining yet this morning because after dropping g-son at school I have the first 60 caramel cakes of the 100 cake order in the back of the van to deliver.
I got all the cakes carted into the lawyer's office before the rain started to sprinkle. After filling out tax forms I stopped by Ingles on the way home to restock g-son's supply of cookies.
At home the animals were wondering where I had been but none of them fused to long with their mouths full of their breakfast !
I stayed in the kitchen all morning again baking 12 more caramel cakes for tomorrow's market orders. I also added a coconut, 2 pound cakes and a wine cake before having lunch.
After lunch I decorated for the afternoon. I got the curtains changed in the living room and all but 1 of the plastic containers sitting on my front porch emptied. It rained off and on all day and by the time I did the chores early there was 3/4" of rain in the gauge.
Hubbie came home and we hurried through the rest of the chores to get ready to go to the Deacon's Christmas dinner at the NC Justice Academy. There is always good food and good fellowship at this event.
This lady with the candle in front of her was celebrating her 93rd birthday today.

After we ate and visited with our church family we headed home. I started icing caramel cakes and hubbie made a trip to Sam's Club for some chips for the fifth quarter event that daughter is involved with tonight after the ballgame.
Her JV team won but the varsity lost to cross county rival West Henderson tonight.
The rain has started to really pour down outside as the cold front is passing over our area tonight. I looked at the thermometer and it is an unbelievable 63 degrees at 11:00 tonight,wow !!  A 20 degree drop in temps is predicted for overnight and another 20 degree drop during the day tomorrow will bring winter back with a vengance !!!
Hopefully all this rain will pass through before the parade tomorrow morning in town. When I get all the cakes wrapped hubbie and I will get things all packed up and ready to load early in the morning so we can get to market before the parade traffic hits town.
We are both so tired tonight we are like two sore tailed cats but we'll get it done !!
Thankfully my knee is feeling better tonight even after being on my feet all day so that is a great sign.
Praising God for the love He shows each of His children each day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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