Thursday, December 19, 2013


Another Christmas serenade this morning by g-son to get me in the right mood for a busy market day.
The day started out very slow but got busier with the warming of the temperature outside.
I also took several more orders for Saturday which will be the last day market will be open before Christmas.
After market I had a long afternoon of errands and shopping to do. I had alot of supplies to pick up for baking tomorrow along with my normal stops I also added a couple stops to check out their toy sales. My little great nephews will be here on Sunday night along with a close little girl cousin so I was in "toy shopping overdrive ".
I made it home around 6:00 so after unloading and getting things put away chores were done by flashlight.
This day started out at 21 degrees this morning and ended up with a sunshiny afternoon high of 60 degrees.
It is now 39 degrees at 10:30 so I think it will go lower than the predicted 35.
To catch up my decade pics for December I will do another post tonight since I made no pictures of anything else today.
In 1993 I had many photos also of Christmas time now with three little ones.
Daughter had her picture made with Santa.
As hubbie's mother became more crippled with arthritis I started hosting that side of the family's Christmas eve gathering. This is hubbie's brother, our nephew and hubbie's dad that year.
Our niece was still smiling as she opened her gifts.
This is hubbie and I that night checking out our gifts.
After everyone left and the kids were off to bed once again hubbie and I sat up for Christmas morning.

The excitement was still there as morning came.
#1 son checks out a new gun.
#2 son wanted a sound system.
And by the look on daughter's face she got what she wanted also !!!
At hubbie's grandmother's house this was her tree that year. His grandfather had passed away during the last 10 years, I don't recall the exact date but "crunchberry granny" still hosted Sunday lunches and Christmas day lunch for the entire family.
Daughter plays with a doll while we were there that day.
Later Christmas day my youngest brother hosted this years Christmas. Since my mother had also passed away we took turns hosting our gatherings.
He had his first daughter that year who was about 10 months old so there was a baracade around the tree.
#2 son helped Hannah open her gifts as daughter and other niece Susie played in the background.
This is my oldest brother's family which would about 3 days later grow by a bouncing baby boy.
My youngest brother's family.
My family ......
And the entire family from my side ....
Tonight has been a layed back evening for hubbie and I as we lounged in our appropriate places, him in the recliner, me on the couch snuggled with my 4-legged kids.
#1 son came by to pick up a caramel cake for a gathering at his work place tomorrow, other than that all has been quiet.
Grateful to God for "The Reason for the Season" !!
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

What wonderful memories you have - love the pictures. The real reason for Christmas is the best. Blessings