Tuesday, December 17, 2013


A cool morning greeted g-son and I as we headed out to school early this morning. He talked all the way there about the light show we went to last night. He really enjoyed that.
Back home I started a load of laundry before going outside to do the chores. This is the first Tuesday in a couple weeks that I am back on my regular housework and laundry schedule.
I took a large nine caramel cake order so I had to stop and check my supplies to see what I needed to buy to add the order to my regular baking amount for tomorrow. I discovered I was a only a couple bags of sugar short.
After lunch I went over to school to watch g-son and his class preform in a Christmas program. One class out of each grade was chosen to be in the program so it was kind of an honor.
All the other classes got to come watch the program today.
 G-son's class were the bell ringers to the tune of Ding Dong Ding.
G-son had one of the two green bells.
This is serious business you can tell !!!!
They also joined in the carol singing.
The program last about 45 minutes and was very enjoyable to all.
I left there and went up the road to Dollar General to get the sugar I needed for tomorrow but they were out of the powdered sugar so I found some Christmas ribbon for a project I am thinking of making instead.
After picking up g-son we came home to get his tummy full before he had to preform the same program again for all the parents tonight.
Hubbie and I did chores early for the second night in a row. We wanted to get to the gym at the elementary school early so we could get a good seat so I could make pictures.
The gym filled up quickly after we got there and I even wondered about the fire code of having that many folks in the small gym?
The kids did great once again.
G-son looked so handsome in his Christmas tie.

 Bell ringing is still a serious thing !!!

 Joining in the singing is something he loves to do.
They even played imaginary kuzus tonight.
 When we got home this huge moon was peeking in and out of the clouds as the wind blew them across the night sky.
This is the "cold moon" or Christmas Moon" and it feels like a cold Christmas moon tonight with the wind blowing and the temperature headed for the upper 20's tonight. The pic below was taken earlier in the evening.
I have my days all mixed up tonight and feel like a need a schedule to keep me get on track for the busy days ahead. I also unfortunately have had several sneezing fits tonight like maybe I'm coming down with a cold, I sure hope not .
It isn't quite 10:00 yet and I am going to get into bed so I can get some extra sleep tonight,maybe that will help.
I am very busy but I am loving life right now with all the hustle and bustle of the season.
Grateful tonight for a wonderfully blessed day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

I love the serious look on g-son's face. And yes, he looks very handsome in his Christmas tie. Love the new Blog header. Blessings