Thursday, July 3, 2014


G-son was here early this morning excited about going to market with me. I did chores and got the van loaded while he ate breakfast and decided what he wanted to take with him.
He actually helped a lot as we unloaded when we got there he stacked all the empty trays and even put some things out for display on the table.
He then joined some friends at their mom's table to draw some pictures.

I had a very busy day as I expected thanks to God .
The day heated up after lunch and customers became scarcer.
We ran the regular errands and picked up supplies and groceries at Aldi, Sav Mor and Walmart.
Walmart was very crowded and I was glad to be headed out in the country out of the heavy traffic and crowded stores.
We stopped at the farm outlet to pick up some peaches for ice cream tomorrow and g-son showed off his "stretchie" .

We got home and unloaded before his dad picked him up.  Hubbie who had gotten off work a little early and I took a break and watched the news.
The weather news is all about hurricane Arthur who has become a much stronger hurricane than anyone thought it would as it makes land fall on the coast of NC along the outer banks it is a category 2 hurricane.
A huge storm at 400 miles wide we are  getting wind from the outer bands in our area tonight.
 After we did chores and had supper hubbie and I made a trip to Sam's Club and Ingles to get supplies for tomorrow's BBQ.
Daughter was here when we got back and left her rental car here while she took Tipper and her jeep home.  She looked tired from a long day of driving.  Thankful to have her safely home.
Of course Tipper knows she gets a bath after each visit of playing with our outside dogs and she is not looking to happy about it.

As hubbie and I ended the day relaxing out in the patio it felt more like fall than the hot month of July as the hurricane's winds are really cooling the temps down.
I am very tired tonight and am looking forward to a good night's sleep after the restless one of last night. We are turning the air conditioning off and opening the windows tonight for a very nice cool break to start off this month of July.
Thanking God tonight for His watchful ,loving care of daughter as she traveled and grateful for all the wonderful blessings that He sent my way today.
Good Night and God Bless.

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