Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Up early to greet g-son this morning. I tried to talk him into going back to bed and resting some more but no dice.  I fixed him breakfast then went outside to to the chores.
He came out and walked with me. The day is nice so far, it is sunny and not so hot so far.

After we finished our walk I had cakes to bake so he watched TV and played with his Legos.
I baked 18 caramel, 3 chocolate layer cakes then turned the ovens off  and got g-son some lunch.
We went to his basketball camp. When I asked him if he liked it any better than the first day  he said "it is getting less painful", haha  I guess he has learned to keep his hands up so he won't get hit in the face with the ball.
He met his friend Andrew on the way in and they played at one of the goals all by themselves until the camp drills started.

I came home, with the detour we are having to take the school that is less than a mile out the road now takes 15-20 minutes to get too. They are working deligently so maybe they will finish early.

I had a late lunch and then baked my pound cakes.  The skies clouded up off and on but no rain fell.
After hubbie came home from work we did the chores and I iced 6 of the caramel cakes.
Rebekah and Evy came over and Rebekah and I picked over 2 bushels of green beans while hubbie entertained Evy. It was almost dark when we finished.  We didn't get the bush beans picked.
She took over half of the beans home to break and hubbie broke tonight while I iced the rest of my cakes.
After dark tonight the rain started and we got almost an inch with some distant thunder and lightening flashing around but never close thankfully.
I made it to bed at a little after midnight after getting everything ready for market.
Grateful to God for the thirst quenching drink for our garden tonight and for all the blessings of this day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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