Saturday, July 19, 2014


Another rainy wake up this morning. At least the rain slacked some today before I had to do the chores. The ground is becoming a slick muddy mess in the chicken lots, bringing back memories of last summer.
Made it to market on time this morning.  Daughter came in shortly afterward with her baked goods. There were lots of disappointed blackberry buyers today.
We had a pretty slow day with the continuous rain and it was strange to see folks bundled up in jackets in the middle of July. The high today was in the mid 60's and with the drizzle it was a very cool day. Temperatures all around the eastern states have broken coolest highs for the past couple days.
This is a map of the highs for today.
And on this map it shows the departure from normal highs for today.
Our area won the prize for the most degrees off normal with that 18 below normal number.  We set a new record yesterday, haven't heard about today yet.
I had chill bumps on my arms all day and kept resisting the urge to put my jacket on.
Hubbie left to go by Sam's Club and Walmart to get supplies for lunch tomorrow and a cook out we are doing for the church youth tomorrow evening.  Hopefully the rain will give us a break by then.
#1 son got called into work to close roads where a telephone pole fell with all the power lines so he brought g-son to the curb market as d-in-love is working at her parent's restaurant today.  He had fun playing with his market friends.  When #1 son came back to pick him up after the lines were fixed out of the roads he wanted to stay and come home with me.  So he played the rest of market time and then helped us load up the van.
I made a supply stop at Aldi and then went by sis-in-law Sandy's to pick up some eggs she found on sale. She was getting ready to go to an outside wedding !!!  Not a good thing on a day like this !!
After we got the van unloaded I took a short nap to get rid of a nagging headache I have had for the last couple hours.
The workers were back at work on tearing down the old bridge and getting it hauled off this morning at 6am.  Don't know how long they worked but they were finished before I got home.
After chores and supper I worked on getting some more pictures downloaded to Walgreens.
I dumped another 3/4 inch of rain from the gauge this evening as the rain continues to fall.
I am so thankful for the blessings of this day and look forward to worshiping with my church family tomorrow.
Good Night and God Bless


Betsy Adams said...

Before I forget, I love your header photo with the sunbeams!!!! TREMENDOUS!!!

WE've had rain also the past couple of days --and record lows --even the highs for the day yesterday and today were unbelievable..

We got about 1.5 inches of rain --but were expecting much more. Glad we got some --but we still need more..


linda m said...

We've had a couple of sunny days with cooler temps. Today is sunny but temps are going to start warming up. With all the rain we've had our mosquito population is very high. Blessings