Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Another  beautiful summer morning as g-son and I headed out to feed the animals and took a morning walk . It is already getting hot outside and the humidity is rising quickly.
When we came back inside he went to work with a construction set that I found for him and I started baking my cakes. I baked 18 caramel, 1 coconut, 2 chocolate, 3 pound  cakes and 2 blackberry wine cakes. I finished in time for a late lunch.
G-son and I went outside to play but the heat was too much, making the air conditioned house feel to inviting.
I decided to get a canner of green beans started and after 3 false starts with a leaking seal I finally got this canning season started.
Rebekah and Evy came over bringing her canner and broke beans so we alternated canners and were able to can twice as many jars of green beans as with only one canner.  Rebekah brought over supper and Aaron came in so the four of us had delicious chicken breast and some sauteed yellow squash for a nice energy lift to get the last load of beans done.  We had a total of 28 quarts and almost a bowl full to add a jar or two of canned squash to to make a full canner load for tomorrow.

They turned out really pretty in the jars and will taste really good when the snow flies this winter !!
This is the easiest canning I have ever done it does make it easier to have someone doing it with you.
After all our canning apparatuses were washed and put away Rebekah left and I went to my office to sit down to give my legs and feet a brief rest and do the weekly paperwork and pay bills.
I spent the rest of the evening icing all my cakes and getting things ready for market tomorrow. The day before the Fourth will be a busy day.
Daughter has had a good day touring Washington DC with her friend Megan. This is daughter in front of the US Capital building.
 She said it was 99 degrees as they walked around up there and she said she felt her feet were steaming when she got into this fountain. It was 90 degrees here but I didn't have a water fountain to cool off in .

 The White House was well guarded but she managed to sneak this pic without anyone in the pic.
At the end of a long hot day she said she felt like she had walked 10 miles in the dessert. She is heading home in the morning so she was headed to bed to get a good night's sleep.

May God bless her with traveling mercies as she makes the eight hour trip home alone tomorrow.
Good Night and God Bless.

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