Saturday, July 12, 2014


Uhhh!!!  Up extra early again to have time to go the long detour to market this morning.
Daughter was already there when hubbie and I arrived.  We did make it on time today !!
We had a pretty busy day. Daughter sold out of her blackberries early and then left to go home to mow her lawn.
I didn't sell out but sold well so I am thankful for that.
After market I stopped at Aldi and Ingles on the way home to pick up baking supplies and things for tomorrow's lunch. I hurried home to meet more hen buyers.
Hubbie took a break in his lawn mowing to help unload the van then helped catch the 4 hens and rooster this buyer wanted.
That makes 6 hens and 1 rooster to reduce my flock. I keep the hens for 2 years then sell them. I hate to see some of these hens go, especially a couple of the ones I sold today because they were like pets when they were younger but they are older and have stopped laying eggs regularly so I can't afford to feed them. I still have at least 6 hens I need to sell before this fall.
I cleaned out a hatching box to put the silkie that I have put 6 quail eggs under in so hopefully I will have some baby quails shortly. I have read about folks using these to raise quails but have never tried it. The bird chicks are so small if they do hatch I hope the mama hen doesn't step on them.
I went down to d-in-loves to watch g-son slide on his new slip and slide.

When I came back home hubbie and I had supper then did the evening chores before we relaxed for a few minutes out in the patio, with no traffic to watch it is pretty boring to sit out there for long.
#1 son, Aaron and g-son spent the evening fishing across the road in the old pond my dad made pond.

I pre-cooked part of tomorrow's lunch tonight then got ready for bed. I have had a busy but accomplishing week.  The "good ole summer time", when gardens grow and life is the busiest.
The Super Moon was visible tonight after a partly cloudy evening.
Thanking God for all the blessings of this day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

What a beautiful day you had. G-son looks so happy with his slip and slide. We couldn't see the moon last night due to rain. Blessings