Saturday, July 26, 2014


Vacation time is finally here but first there is some business to take of. #2 son is playing golf in the charity golf tournament this morning to  raise money for a scholarship in honor of my cousin and high school basketball coach who passed away several years ago so he and daughter are not leaving until mid afternoon so she is at the Curb Market selling blackberries she picked yesterday. I had hired a friend, Georgia Rhodes to take care of my baked goods before I knew daughter would be here so they both will handle our stand today.
Hubbie and I got up at 7am to get things loaded in his truck and get the tables at market set up for them to sell.
We left market at about 8:45 to come home and do morning chores.
I got everything fed, watered and put extra feed out while hubbie sprayed our tomatoes with a fungicide to hopefully keep them healthy until we get back. Things are so damp it is hard to combat mildew right now on everything.
We finally were ready to leave at about 10:40.
Traffic was pretty light as we started down the mountain.

Hubbie drives and I ride on these trips.  We take are 4-legged kids and they love riding in my lap and beside me. I am also our navigator with a map in hand and my smart phone to get us around any jams we might encounter.
We were delayed several times by traffic back-ups, had to take a detour around a bridge repair, missed a turn and had to backtrack through the middle of Whiteville which thankfully is a fairly small town, then had to finally get on the internet of my smart phone to get final directions to get to the island.  I usually have a map printed off to use when we get closer but didn't have time this time, so thankful for Cirri or how ever you spell that on the I-phone.
We ran into a major traffic jam getting onto the island but I think all the red lights were out and policemen were directing traffic which slowed the flow. This is the intercoastal waterway as we crossed the bridge onto the island.

 We got to the house around 5:30.There is a huge beach in front of it.

It is not near as nice as the pictures made it look and for the first time since I have been renting these houses I am disappointed. I guess part of the problem is that the back beach walk way must have washed away in the hurricane that came up the coast a couple weeks ago leaving steep stairs to get down to the beach.
We will make the best of the situation and there are some pleasant surprises as it has one more 1/2 bath than it said but it is in an un-airconditioned part of the basement and is like a sauna.
#1 son, Rebekah,d-in-love and the kids came in about an hour behind us.  We got unloaded and hubbie,Rebekah and I went to the grocery store for some supplies. This is the first house we have stayed in that totally has nothing left at all, no toilet paper, no soap of any kind, nothing at all so we desperately had to make a trip.  #1 son ordered pizza and it arrived just as we got back from shopping.   Everyone felt much better after we ate a late supper.
#2 son and daughter arrived about 8:30.
Hubbie, daughter and I took the 4-legged kids on a beach walk tonight. The beach is really nice here, supper wide with lots of shells.

I am deeply grateful to our loving Heavenly Father tonight for granting safe travel for all of us today.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy Adams said...

Sorry about the problems. I know NOTHING about any of the houses/rentals in Ocean Isle--but you all do need to complain. They should give some of your rental money back....