Monday, July 14, 2014


G-son was here at 7:15 and looked like he might go back to sleep but after just a few minutes he was ready for his breakfast.
After chores and breakfast he walked with me until he started sweating.  The humidity is very high this morning.
I picked blueberries and blackberries this morning and they were both very yummy. I used my infusion water pitcher for the first time with some blackberries and the berries gave the water a very nice flavor.
I got laundry started and then caught up some little jobs that have gotten put off. I planted the clearance plants I got from Lowes several weeks ago in the large tub in the back yard, watered all my potted plants and gleaned the garden for produce before lunch time.
G-son was content to stay inside and work on building projects.
After lunch it began to rain so I had inside jobs to do such as catching up June's month ending paperwork and totals and getting out the July decade photos.
The rain came down hard for a little while and left about 4/10ths inch in the gauge.  The sun came back out after the rain passed by us and made it a steamy sauna out there.
When hubbie came home we went up to get my infected basil out of the garden . I noticed just in the last couple days that it had brown spots and when I turned a leaf over  and saw the bottom of it I knew this row of basil had to go.
This is Downy Mildew a fairly new disease to our area. It is coming in from Mexico and the most southern states. There is no treatment for this mildew and it spreads quickly especially to the "nightshade" family of vegetables such as peppers and tomatoes.
We pulled this row of basil plants up and put them in a garbage bag to be taken to the dump.
All these plants came from the same seller. I have more plants very close by that came from different sellers and they don't have this disease so hopefully it  has not spread to anything else.
These are the healthy basil plants only about 10 feet from the bad ones.

I won't have much basil to sell this season now.
Hubbie and I had our supper and then took a short break out in the patio. A nice cool breeze is starting to clear and dry out the air tonight. It looks like we are going to get another nice fall feeling break from the summer heat this week.
I vacuumed the downstairs tonight and got all 3 loads of laundry put away.
Grateful to God tonight for the wonderful day and all the blessings He sent my way.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

The mildew looks really nasty. Hopefully it doesn't spread to anymore plants. The "polar vortex" is starting to affect our area right now with much cooler temps. It is very refreshing to say the least. Blessings