Thursday, July 10, 2014


Off to market this morning, as I hurried to get ready so I would have extra driving time to take the detour I was sweating from the humidity of the morning. I poured almost and inch of rain from the gauge.
Daughter was already set up selling her blackberries and baked goods when I got there.
We had a decent day but it was slower than the last couple Thursdays. But this is the week after a holiday weekend so it was expected. We are very thankful for what we did sell.
It was pouring rain when we left market, the parking lot was standing full of several inches of rain. I had to wade to get in my van.
Daughter had blackberries left over so I took a gallon and she went to Sav Mor with me to get pectin and jar lids to go home and make blackberry jam.
I also went to Aldi and Walmart along with a stop at my insurance agent's office to sign some  re-writes of some of our farm policies.
While I drove home the rain started again and this time it was our area to get the downpour of rain. I sat in the van and waited until it passed over before getting unloaded.
It only left 1/2 inch in the rain gauge but it sure seemed like more.
Rebekah came over and we spent the evening canning green beans.  We canned 28 more quarts tonight and have about 21 more quarts to can tomorrow.
Aaron came in and we all had egg, bacon and tomato sandwiches for supper.
Hubbie kept breaking beans and Aaron played with Evy. 
Beans, Beans , Beans !!!   They are so pretty and look so good in the jars.

This is my old antique pressure canner and it just keeps plugging along.
Rebekah also has an old antique canner with a "jiggler" on the top instead of the gauge.
Hers keeps plugging along as well and it sure makes quicker work of canning to run 2 canners.
This is what my kitchen looks like after we stopped for the night.
Daughter came by earlier this evening to pick up some jars for her jam making endeaver and while we canned our beans she made lots of blackberry jam.
And it all jelled perfectly for her.
I made a yummy blackberry cobbler for our dessert tonight and put the rest of my berries on cookie sheets in the freezer.
These are called "triple bite"berries, they are so huge. They are still a little tart but with all the rain we are getting they have to be picked or the rain will beat them off the vines.
When I went outside tonight to shut up my chickens I just had to get my camera and practice some moon shots on this gorgeous full moon. I used the manual setting and after several attempts to get the right settings I got this beautifully  clear picture .
It's funny how the moon looks just like the earth from far away with all the darker shapes on it.
Thankful for a blessed day with all the joys of knowing the love of Jesus Christ.
Good Night and God Bless.


Sandy said...

The beans and the jam look've made me crave both, lol

laura Madalene said...

What a great idea, as usual! I love this and I'm thinking of where we could do it now. Thanks for the idea! Oh and I totally rocked at four square too...ah, the memories!round-dining-table

linda m said...

Your green beans and blackberry jam look so delicious. Two definitely worked better than one and in half the time. Great photo of the moon. Have a great weekend and blessings.

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Marilyn, You are one busy busy lady---you and your friends/family... BUT--all of that canning will taste SO good in winter...

Bet both the beans and the blackberries are delicious. Makes me hungry just thinking about them... YUM...

You have had more rain than we have.. We got about an inch total this week--but many places in TN and in your area got MUCH more...

The good news about the weather is that they are saying now that we will have some cooler weather again next week. We haven't really had much hot weather here at all so far. Makes me wonder what August will bring us... Yipes... ha