Thursday, July 17, 2014


Up early getting ready for market. I was almost running between chores trying to gain that extra 10 minutes somewhere that the detour to town takes because I forgot to set my alarm earlier last night.
I did make it to market on time after all my rushing around.
I had a pretty good selling day and all 10 cake orders got picked up, thanks to God for the blessing of all the things I sold today.
After market I went by the PO and bank and picked up baking supplies from Sav Mor, Aldi and Walmart on the way home. I also delivered an Avon order and stopped for a short visit with sis-in-law Sandy as she lives on the same road as my delivery.
I made it home at 4:30. Hubbie was already here and we unloaded the van, then watched the news.
Daughter sent me some pics of g-son this morning as he did his studying while she attended her group workshops.She said he was  a perfect angel for the 3 hours she was in class.

For his reward he chose to go to the Children's Museum in Greensboro and it looks like he had a very good time.

He loves his aunt T !!
They got home around 6 tonight tired but happy.
She came by and picked up Tipper who has spent the last couple days with us.
Hubbie and I walked down on the road tonight as the crew has moved to this side of the road and looks like they are getting closer to changing our driveway.
Rain is predicted for the weekend and the clouds are moving in already creating a pretty sky at sunset.
The record lows predicted for last night didn't happen as it was 60 degrees this morning. It has stayed close to the middle 70's today with bright sunshine to make the day more "fall" feeling than mid July.
Relaxed for the evening enjoyed doing nothing !!
Grateful to God for the blessings of this day.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

Very happy to hear about the large cake order and all your sales for Thursday. Sure helps when paying the bills. Don't know if I ever mentioned it but I love the picture you are using for your header. Have a great weekend. Blessings

Gail said...

You are blessed.

I am enjoying these cooler temperatures.