Monday, July 21, 2014


Feels like school has already started and g-son came dragging in as if he thought so too.  He is going to a 3 hour a day workshop to get ready for 2nd grade this week and he is not happy about it at all.
As I walked him in and left him to go into the lunchroom to join the other kids the look on his face made my heart ache a little as he truly looked scared.
As I drove home I remembered some days when I saw that look on my kids faces.  Not normally on his dad's face but usually on his aunt T's face anytime she started something new.
They are working on the road and bridge this morning with two different crews and they have a jammed up traffic mess for me to drive through.

I did the chores and had breakfast on another very seasonally cool morning.  I took a nice long walk and then got the weekly laundry started before I headed back outside to the blackberry patch.
 After about 30 minutes of picking I was soaking wet from bushing against the wet bushes and I had 2 bowls almost full of delicious berries to go into the freezer.
As I came back upstairs from putting the last pans into the chest freezer to freeze so they can be bagged separately I heard a commotion up in the chicken lots.  I went out the back door and immediately saw the reason. There was a large hawk inside the Silkie lot under the netting. He was repeatedly jumping up into the netting trying to escape. I ran up to the garden shed to get a hoe or shovel to pound him with but by the time I got back to the lot he had jerked down the side of the net and had escaped.  Boooo ,  I didn't even think to get a picture of him.  Hopefully after that scare he won't be back.  Just to make sure I re-secured the netting over the lot and covered all the openings he could squeeze through. Thankfully he didn't get another Silkie but there were lots of white feathers where he had definitely tried.  Glad I happened to hear the commotion.
This is a web pic of what the hawk looked like. By a feather left behind from all his escape attempts I think it was a Red Tailed Hawk that looked like this one.
A hen buyer came while I was working on the lot and took 2 more of the hens I had for sale. They had to walk from up the road because the workers had our drive blocked when they came.
Luckily there was three of them so they could take turns carrying the cage back to their car.
I had a late lunch and then the rain began again.   
Daughter picked up g-son from his workshop and he went berry picking with her. Thankfully the rain didn't reach the berry field before she had 10 gallons picked. G-son picked one gallon then played in the field.
She came by here to get some old pillow cases and material strips for a project she found. G-son went with her for the rest of the afternoon. 
I finished laundry and when hubbie got home we went outside to do some trimming. The rain was very light and only left about 1/10th inch in the gauge, just enough to make it sticky and get things wet again.
I cut weeds out of several of my plant beds and trimmed a couple bushes that were getting into our walking paths.  All this damp rainy weather is really encouraging unwanted things to grow well.
After getting the evening chores done and visiting with Aaron and Evy who came by to pick up some eggs I walked down to d-in-love's to get some old cereal for the hens. I wanted to get some pics of all the construction down there anyway.
 Our muddy driveway and way out.

When I got back up here hubbie showed me what he had found on one of his tomato plants. This caterpillar was huge and perfectly camouflaged .
The sun has fought a loosing battle with the clouds all day keeping the temperatures in near record breaking range again for the middle of July.

Grateful to God for the blessings of this day and look forward to tomorrow to see what He has in store for me.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

Very busy day you had. Thank goodness you heard the commotion before one of your hens got eaten. Hoping they finish your road soon. With all the rain the mud must be horrible. Out cool spell is over and temps are rising - back to more normal July temps. Blessings

Betsy Adams said...

Yes---it's been an interesting July this year... I love the cooler weather --but I can't help wondering what will happen in August... Think we'll get lucky in August/September???? I hope so. I love COOLER weather.

Yipes---Hope the Silkies are all okay... And I HOPE that that hawk will NOT come back!!!

I'd love some blackberries. Yours look so good... YUM.

I know you will be glad when they finish working on that road/bridge...