Sunday, July 27, 2014


Day one of this vacation started very very early for me unfortunately. At about 4am I woke up with an aching back.  Guess that's what happens when you get used to sleeping on a memory foam mattress !!
I tried everything I knew to get comfortable enough to go back to sleep to no avail.
Finally around 7am I got up, hoping that this was late enough not to disturb anyone.
Hubbie who is an early riser anyway got up also.  We were just getting breakfast when daughter came out of her and g-son's bedroom.  Shortly Rebekah and Evy came up then #2 son and g-son. We all had eggs, bacon and waffles for breakfast. #1 son  and d-in-love slept in awhile this morning.
We made out a shopping list while we ate.  #2 son always pays for groceries so he gave money to daughter. #1 son and d-in-love who were now up went with her as well as Rebekah.  Hubbie and #2 son rode bikes around the end of the island while I stayed in the house with g-son and Evy who was taking a morning nap already. She is really pooped out from yesterday.
I thought a good thing for me to do would be to clean the kitchen while everyone was out so I started washing some of the pots in the sink when I felt a strange stinging feeling in my left hand as the water ran over it. I reached to turn the water off with my right hand and "zap"  I got a real shock.  I felt the electric currant go through my body. It scared me and it hurt so bad, then I got mad.  I called the realty's after hours emergency line and they said they would get an electrician over here soon. When hubbie and #2 son got back from their bike ride I was still stinging from the currant and as #2 son tried to find out what caused it he got a shock. So the kitchen sink is off limits for a while.
Hubbie and #2 son went out to sit on the beach.

 G-son of course couldn't stand not getting in the ocean so off he went after I got him lathered up with sunscreen.

When the others got back from Walmart and we all had lunch before hitting the beach for the afternoon.

G-son is old hat at wave jumping now and dives under water through them as they break over his head.
 He still likes the buggy board .

Little Evy was timid at first but soon warmed right up and wasn't scared of the waves breaking at all.

They both had a blast and that makes the money and the long ride here all very much worth it.

These smiles say it all !!!

We came in for a spaghetti supper tonight and checked out each others sunburns.  Luckily no one is hurting tonight from too much sun.
The day was slightly overcast thankfully making the 93 degree temp. feel not so oppressive.
After supper hubbie, daughter, #2 son and I all took a bike ride to do some exploring.  Daughter led us out a pathway through the marsh.

This is a little park on the canal and the sunset was beautiful tonight over the intercoastal waterway.

When we got back to the house #1 son was already on the beach fishing.

Hubbie joined him for a while but the wind got so hard they both had to call it a night before they caught anything.  I took Bernie and Dolly out for a walk down the beach and had to turn around because the sand felt like it was sand blasting us.
All had a relaxing night tonight. We are all still tired from a restless first night of sleep at a different house.
Grateful to God for the beautiful day and for the protective hand He keeps around all His children tonight.
Good Night and God Bless

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Betsy Adams said...

Oh you know how much I love Ocean Isle Beach. Hope you go down and see our condo (Islander Inn) --down past the fishing pier... We don't go there in Summer as you know ---but prefer to go in May and/or Dec ---when there are no crowds around and when it's not so hot... BUT--you have to go when you can. I understand that... Hope you enjoy it.

Don't know if you all ever go out to dinner --but I can recommend Dockside (down in Calabash)... There's a neat Christmas shop (LARGE ONE) nearby --where we buy special ornaments and Christmas presents.

Have fun..