Monday, July 28, 2014


Woke to cloudy skies this am.  Cloudy skies at the beach mean today is a shopping trip day for us.  I ate breakfast then sat outside while everyone else got up and started stirring around. The Tanger Outlet center doesn't open until 10 so we were going to wait until Evy had her morning nap. G-son wanted to go in the ocean so hubbie and #2 son went with him.  He didn't stay long as his legs are raw from yesterday and started burning as soon as the salt water hit them.  Daughter and I went to the bank to do our weekly banking business as our bank has a branch near by.
Evy had different ideas about nap time so when we got back everyone was ready to go to the outlets. There is a Five Guys place there that has really good hamburgers and fries so we went there for lunch. Part of the group looking happy about to be shopping !!!!

We ate then shopped for a couple hours.  None of us found any of the great deals we usually do.  For me I did get several pairs of my favorite Cold Water Creek jeans as the store was closing and had deep discounts but the other outlet I always love down here, Bon Worth, was gone. I did get some more of my Clinique make-up at the cosmetic outlet store. Daughter found a couple dresses to wear to work and  we all got a pair of new shoes.
G-son got  a caricature of himself while we were there.

Evy got tired around 3 and d-in-love didn't feel well so they left leaving hubbie,daughter, #2 son and I to shop as long as we wanted.
Our legs wore out about an hour later and we came back to the beach house.
D-in-love and Rebekah had supper almost ready when we got here. Taco night really hit the spot, thanks girls ! We stopped and picked up paper plates and cups as the dishwasher must have been wired in with the shorted out garbage disposal and now it doesn't work,grrrrrrr. 
We have rented beach houses for 12 years and I have never had to call maintenance but this house is a nightmare so far.  We really don't want to have to deal with more repairmen so we will just use throw away things.
There is tiny little ants on the counter tops and the air conditioning stinks,it is either too cold or too hot, we can never get it set at a comfortable temp.
A storm was brewing as we ate supper and when the sun came out I went out on the deck to find the rainbow, hoping it would be over the ocean, and there was a double beauty.

G-son and Evy playing in the drips of water coming off the porch.

We got a sprinkle of rain then the storm moved out to sea so daughter and I walked to the end of the island.

It is a shame how much of this island has washed away leaving houses completely gone or majorly damaged all along the beach.

As we turned around to head back the storm seemed to intensify and the sky over the ocean looked so mean compared to the beautiful azure blue sky over land.
I love the panarama button on my smart phone !!!
We made it back and then sat out on the porch to watch a grand lightening display out over the ocean I tried to catch the lightening in a picture but this flash was the best I got.

Everyone watched a movie tonight while I blogged and caught up on some reading. 
The second day of Ocean Isle vacation 2014 ends with another beautiful sunset over the bay.

Grateful to God for another day of family, love and safety in His loving arms.
Good Night and God Bless

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