Tuesday, July 22, 2014


G-son was here early to get ready for the second day of his workshop at school. He needed a little encouragement this morning also to get going but he made it and seemed a lot more relaxed when we got there.
I was late getting home because of a small fender bender that happen on the road I travel but it was nothing serious and they moved the cars out of the road pretty quickly.
After chores and breakfast Rebekah brought little Evy over so she could go home and sleep after working all night.
Evy had her breakfast then we were off to play for the day. I love this series of photos, I call it a "Precious Moment of Discovery"  when she figured out how to turn on g-son's " criss, cross, crash" racetrack !!

She was so proud of herself !!!
Hubbie picked up g-son on his lunch break and brought him here. Evy was so excited to see him her entire face just lit up when he walked through the door.

She played until she was totally pooped and then took only a short nap.  She was afraid she would miss more playtime fun.
After Rebekah woke up she and daughter came to pick our green beans for the third time.
While they picked I got to play with the kids. We slid on the slide and played with the wagon.

"What is taking you girls so long" ???????????????
They picked almost two bushels this time.  The first time we picked 1 1/2 bushels, the second time 2 1/2 bushels and this time 2 bushels, our beans have out done themselves this season. We are thankful, especially after not having any last year.
After the beans were picked and we all had supper d-in-love came by after work and the girls surprised me with an early birthday trip.  I have never had a pedicure and they decided that coming up on 60 years old it was high time I tried it out. Off we went to the beauty shop.
It was great fun for all of us to go together and it was one of the most relaxing experiences I have ever had.
Thank you all very much, that was a very nice surprise.  Love you all and I love my new pedicured toes !!!

And thanks to the guys for taking care of the kids so we could all go together.
Back to reality when I got home, chores and beans to break, haha !!
So thankful to God tonight for all the wonderful folks He put in my life, and for the gift of these little ones who warm my heart each day.
Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

I love the look on Evy's face. So precious. Love the toes! You are indeed blessed. May God continue to bless you.