Thursday, July 24, 2014


G-son got here a little late today but we still managed to get breakfast and make it on time after he ran into the school where the other kids were just dividing up to go to classes.
I hurried back home and did the chores and got loaded for market. Daughter is already there and had 10 gallons of blackberries to sell along with her baked goods.
We got all my things set up and business was pretty good all morning even with the light rain that has fallen all morning.
Daughter left at 10:40 to go to g-son's school and pick him up. She brought him back to the market and he had 2  friends waiting for him to get here. They had fun on a not so crowded market day.
 Cora and Caitlyn Case love to play with g-son. Cora starts kindergarten at the same school he goes to. She made him promise today that if he ever saw her at school he would wave at her !!

 Steve the vendor neighbor wants in on the fun !!
 Looks like Aunt T is delivering an interesting message ???

They are all under my (Neena's) watchful eye !!!
We sold fairly good today and after the sun came out for awhile folks started coming in.
After market g-son went with daughter, and I went to Walmart to pick up some supplies.
While I was in the store the rain started to pour down again and thunder was booming. I waited for it to slack a little but still got drowned getting things in the van with lightening flashing all around.
I  stopped at #2 son's house to pick up our mail that the mailman has been leaving there because he has a hard time getting to our mailboxes with all the construction going on.
Our mailman goes to church with us.
#2 son had just finished mowing his lawn on his day off today before the rain started in.  He said it sure didn't rain as hard as it did yesterday.
I came home and unloaded the van.  Hubbie came home and we had a snack then the storms came again. While we were watching the early news lightening knocked the power off for a few seconds but thankfully it came back on. The thunder wasn't really loud but it seemed like the lightening hit something very close around.
Thankfully the storm passed quickly leaving only 3/4 " of rain in the gauge today.
The ground is so muddy around the chicken lots and garden it is really a mess to get anything done.
Hubbie went in the garden and pulled off all the yellow squash so I could finish filling the canner of left over beans. I had 4 quarts of beans and 3 of squash for casseroles this winter.
Aaron scraped all our driveways this evening after yesterday's gulley washing rain.
I iced 6 more caramel cakes and did weekly paperwork tonight to catch up on everything from yesterday.
Thankful for the place God choose for me to live tonight and for the people He surrounds me with each day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy Adams said...

Hi There, Amazing how much rain you all are getting this month.. We just aren't getting much here. Some parts of TN are getting the rain --but not us... They even watered the golf course yesterday... We NEED rain... Crazy, huh????

I will say though that we have had a very mild July--and I love THAT...

Hope Grandson gets a great teacher this coming year --one of the 'good' ones who will turn him onto learning... IF kids don't love it at his age, he may struggle all of the way through school.At his age, teachers can help or hinder the learning process... I was lucky in that my sons all had good teachers when they were young...