Sunday, July 20, 2014


The first non-rainy morning of the last several days greeted us today. I did chores and had breakfast before getting ready for church.
Church was good today with all the folks back from the mission field.
At lunch we had everyone here. We had roast beef, fresh green beans, corn on the cob, boiled potatoes and fried squash with sweet tea to wash it all down and Rebekah brought over some wild blackberries and made a cobbler, yum yum !!
Everyone had a nice visit and then went their separate ways for a Sunday afternoon.
After relaxing for a little while, watching a couple nature shows on TV hubbie and I loaded up all the grilling supplies we bought yesterday and headed up to church.  The grill had already been lifted into the back of the truck by Aaron and #2 son before they left after lunch.
We grilled hamburgers and hotdogs for about a dozen youth before they went into church.
They ate quickly and headed inside for the mission trip wrap up.
Hubbie, daughter and I put everything away and left the left overs for the kids for after the program.
As we drove home we contemplated walking out on the new bridge and looking around but changed out mind because of all the mud !!
They look like they are getting nearer to the finishing touches now.
G-son has a workshop at school in the mornings this week and it may be very interesting getting him there and back this week.
After evening chores Aaron came over and helped hubbie unload the  grill from the truck.  It has been a mostly cloudy day with temperatures rising just slightly into the mid 70's when the sun did emerge.  No rain yet for the day in our area.
Grateful for the  blessing of a wonderful Sunday surrounded by family and friends.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Thank you for being so active with the youth.

I look forward to many pictures taken from that bridge.

linda m said...

Glad you were able to help out with the grilling for the youth group. Can't wait to see the "after" pictures of the new road and bridge. Our corn has just come into season here, so I am on my way over to the farm stand for some fresh ears of corn. Blessings