Monday, July 7, 2014


G-son was here around 7am this morning. I fixed him his breakfast and got ready for my day. I noticed he was unusually subdued this morning.
I did chores and was having my breakfast when he came into the kitchen crying with a pain in his right chest area.
He said if it didn't stop hurting so bad he wouldn't be able to go to basketball camp today, hmmmm!!
I asked him what he thought might help the pain and he said an ice pak.
I got him laid down on the couch and covered with a blanket with the ice pak on his right shoulder and tried to tell him it was normal to be nervous about going to the camp for the first time, before I went outside for my morning walk.  When I came back inside 30 minutes later he was asleep.
I think he is just wore out from all the activity this weekend and needs a good rest.
When he woke up the pain was gone and he acted excited about basketball camp and seeing his friend Andrew again.
I started laundry and then made him some lunch.
We were expecting the road by our house to be shut down this morning to finish the bridge work but so far the closing hasn't happened.  They have hauled in some heavy equipment but no workers came today.

We are going to have to allow extra time anytime we go anywhere when the road closure happens as the detours will be longer for us than anyone else. They are supposed to have it completed in 30 days.
When g-son got to camp he jumped right into a pick-up game with some bigger boys and looked like he was having fun so I left.

He is built for this game so we are hoping he enjoys this camp as it is his first basketball experience.
I went to Walmart on the way home for some milk and dark brown sugar.
Back home I had lunch and did more laundry. The clouds started battling with the sun as the day is getting warmer the humidity is rising. I turned the air conditioning back on this morning before the house got too heated up.
I spent the afternoon outside pulling weeds, first from the back patio and steps where we have gravel then on to the garden.  Our rows of lettuce and onions have become over grown with fast growing weeds and grass that the chickens will appreciate.
After all the weeds were pulled I fed some and kept others in the garden cart to feed tomorrow and later.  I gleaned all the vegetables from the garden , getting bell peppers, cucumbers and squash to go with the left over onions and a few beets that came up with the weeds that were growing with them.
The green beans will need picking again soon.  I see more dilly beans and canned beans in our future.
#1 son picked g-son up from camp and came by here to pick up his things from this morning. Camp turned out to be not so good of an experience for him as he is one of only three younger players at the camp so they have to play with the older boys and g-son got hurt several times.  Hopefully the coaches will come up with some alternatives for these younger boys tomorrow.  G-son went to sleep in his dad's car while we talked.  Poor little guy is really pooped out this evening.
Rebekah had to work tonight so Evy came to wait for her dad to finish with his hay tonight.
She is getting so big and today she was running up and down the hall to the play room laughing all the while. She has a special set of pans in the kitchen that she is allowed to play with wear !!!

After dad picked her up hubbie and I sat outside to watch the sunset.  Clouds are moving in tonight and our rain chances go up tomorrow. We do need some rain on our garden.
Grateful for the wonderful blessings of this day may I glorify God in all that I do.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Poor g-son! I can feel his pain. It is no fun having to play with the older kids because they generally pick on the younger ones. Let's hope the coach comes up with a suitable solution quickly so g-son doesn't get discouraged. Evy is just so cute - what a little love. Blessings