Sunday, July 13, 2014


Up extra early to get to church this morning. I am doing "greeter duties" for another lady this morning so I have to be in the parking lot at 9:30.
We heard from our mission group in Pennslyvania and all is well so far with them.
We had a young replacement preacher named Pastor Hefner this morning and he did a very good job.
The air conditioning in the church wasn't working properly today and it got uncomfortably hot during the service but it made me think of how in the Biblical days it must have felt to come together to worship the Lord.  The power was off in the area of the church in the wee hours of the morning to do some repair work on the line circuits so that was what caused the trouble I'm sure.
We had everyone here for lunch today except #2 son who is golfing and came by later for left overs. I made a mac and cheese and ham casserole, salad and corn on the cob. Rebekah came early and made sauteed squash and onions.  We washed it down with sweet tea.
After lunch the girls all made a trip to Walmart while the guys took the kids home for naps.  Hubbie and I tackled the downstairs.  I have been arranging and cleaning down there for a couple weeks but got a point where I needed some help moving larger things so today was the day.  We covered the carpet down there with Borax to super clean the area and get rid of all the spiders that have moved in.
Aaron came up to check fences and put out fly predators and said he saw a pile of white feathers down in the woods of the pasture and sure enough when I checked they belonged to the little white silkie that wouldn't stay inside the lot. We have no idea what got her but there is nothing left but a circle of feathers, no bones or blood. She was here this morning when I turned them out so whatever got her did it in broad daylight.
Hubbie, d-in-love, #1 son, Aaron and I checked out the new road and bridge construction up close this evening.

This is the creek after it goes under the new bridge. These trees need to be cut out of the flow of the water.
After we did the chores we relaxed for the evening watching the clouds slowly take over a beautiful day.
Grateful for a beautiful blessed Sunday.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Poor little silkie - hope it was a swift demise. I can remember when we would sit in church in the summer with no air conditioning. Many times pastor would shorten things up as he was just as hot as we were. Back then most churches here in WI didn't have any A/C at all - we just opened windows. Blessings