Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Got g-son off to his workshop this morning without any complaints.  He loves the social aspect of school just not the work aspect, haha.
The workers were already working on the road when I got home but I got in okay. After chores, breakfast and my morning walk/run I started baking my cakes. I baked 18 caramel, 2 chocolate, 4 pound and 2 blackberry wine when I was totally done. I had to turn the ovens off and go pick up g-son at 11am.
We had lunch then he played in the living room with his legos while I continued my baking.
It is sunny this morning but clouds are already building around the horizon just after lunch.
I played with g-son and then broke some green beans for canning this afternoon when the girls get here.
About 2:45 g-son called me to come see why the TV said there was a signal interuption. I looked out the window and saw that it was just beginning to sprinkle but not enough surely to interfere with the satelite signal.  As I looked out the same window again I saw the mountains in the distance disapear in a white veil of rain.  I could hear thunder in the distance so I told g-son he would have to do without TV for awhile.
As the rain got harder and harder I was amazed at how hard the rain was falling. After it slacked up some I took these pics of the water falls around our yard and the new bridge and road work that flooded.

In about an hour we got 3.25 inches of rain,wow !!
Thankfully there wasn't much wind and the thunder and lightening stayed in the distance.
We were planning on getting the canners started about 4 but were delayed an hour waiting for the storm to pass.
Daughter and Rebekah did all the canning I just broke beans. Rebekah brought over cube steak and gravy and made a delicious squash casserole for everyone's supper. D-in-love and #1 son came up also, #1 son has been working 12 hour night shifts this week to repair the interstate so he was on his way to work.
Rebekah canned 21 quarts more of green beans and daughter canned 27 pints for her winter supply.
I still have a bowl of beans left to can tomorrow night.  They called it a night around 10 pm. 
After they left I iced 6 caramel cakes and 1 chocolate, got everything wrapped and ready for market.
Whew I am tired, that bed is sure going to feel good tonight.  Yes this is the "good ole summer"  canning season !!!
Grateful for the strength the Lord gives me each day and the bounty of fresh food He provides.
Good Night and God Bless.

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