Thursday, July 31, 2014


Thin clouds were covering the sun this morning as I made my way downstairs to have breakfast. Everyone was already up today for a change.
After we sat outside and watched a pod of dolphins chase bait fish up and down in the waves in front of our house daughter, Rebekah and I took a walk to the end of the island.
Daughter found some starfish in the bay side water when we rounded the end.

We had a very nice walk and talk.
By the time we returned to the house Evy was still asleep so we decided to make a large chef salad for lunch to use up some of the food we have in the frig.  It was delicious !!!
After lunch it was beach time again. The sky was still a bit overcast so it made it cool and no one really got in the water except daughter and g-son for just a little while before he went into to get ready to go to the arcade with his mom and dad.

Evy stayed out with us and walked with me then pawpaw took his turn while her mama rested from an early wake up this morning.

G-son had fun at the arcade.

We all came in from the beach about 4:00 and started getting ready for a dinner out night at Dockside restaurant in Calabash,NC.
We got there right at 6:00 and they said it would be an hour wait. I put our name on the list and walked to the seafood restaurant next door. They had a table that we could have right then so we took it and ate at Nance's Seafood.
The food was good and there was lots of it !!  I had sautéed shrimp in butter with a salad and baked potato.
I had forgotten that today is my big 60 birthday but the kids didn't as they had made me a very very nice picture booklet. Family is the name and they put pictures on each page, some old and some new that makes this something I will treasure forever.  THANKS  SO  MUCH  KIDS , I LOVE THIS GIFT.

We walked out of the restaurant at about 7:15 and as we walked out to the dock to watch the boats unloading the days catch we heard our name being called at the Dockside restaurant, making us definitely glad we didn't wait.
We walked out on the docks and had some nice lady make a pic of us.

The boats were unloading the day's catches and they had some large fish.
This old tree stump provided the perfect photo opp as we walked back to the cars.

The guys took one vehicle and headed back to stop at the grocery for more water and the bait shop and we girls stopped at the big Christmas shop in Calabash.  This place is like a wonderland, everything for Christmas decorating can be found in here.

Little Evy was just in awe of all the brightly colored trees and decorations.

We shopped and then headed back to the beach house. We got here about 9:15. 
Evy went to bed, I went to my room to blog and everyone else watched a movie.
Thanking my God for another wonderful birthday and praying that it be in His will that I have many more.
Feeling humbly thankful tonight.
Good Night and God Bless.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Another sunny morning greeted us today. We are so blessed with good weather so far during this beach time.
After breakfast hubbie, #2 son, daughter and I went on another walk. This time we made it all the way to the end of the island. It is desolate for a long way down here. 

The air is much cooler this morning and the ocean clearly has a northerly wind behind the currant today.
There is so many shells on this beach. I haven't seen a beach with this many shells since we were in Sanabel Island in Florida many years ago.

There are places where they are just piled on top on one another. I always wear shoes on the beach and I am thankful when we walk over these piles.
Daughter fished for awhile when we got back to the beach in front of our house. Neither she nor #1 son caught anything of any size all week which was very disappointing.

 Back to the beach house and lunch before we headed out for an afternoon of beach fun.

Tonight was kabob night for supper. Rebekah and I made the kabobs and #1 son and hubbie got the grills going.

Daughter and d-in-love went to CVS minute clinic to get daughter some medicine for a fever blister that is starting on her lower lip. She always has trouble with these especially in the sun.
This is a nice house inside.

After supper we made a putt putt trip.  G-son loves to play and little Evy even really got into the game helping her mom hit the ball. 

She like retrieving the balls from the holes the best !

This was a beautiful course right in the middle of town.

G-son looked like he had fun and even dad got into the game.

After golfing we all went across the street to have ice cream before heading home to get ready for bed.
Thankful for another blessed day.
Good Night and God Bless.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Woke on  regular time this morning and slept better last night even though my back is still hurting some and sore from the not so great mattress on the bed.
Rebekah got an earlier wake up call than anyone today as Evy wanted to get up at 6:45.
G-son also woke earlier than usual.  When I got down to breakfast about 7:45 #2 son and d-in-love were also up as well as hubbie.  Daughter was up shortly after.
We all had breakfast then daughter and I took Dolly and Bernie for a short walk on the beach.  They have to be off the beach by 9:00 because there is an ordinance that no dogs are allowed on the beach between 9am and 9pm.
When we got back to the house #2 son and hubbie were getting ready to go bike riding so we decided to go with them instead of going on a walk/run.
All four of us rode around the end of the island then daughter and I decided to ride to the pier which is 2 to 3 miles down the road.
We looked around the little shops and wished we had some money with us for a slushie one shop offered, we will need to come back.
We rode back and found everyone on the beach except Rebekah and Evy who were taking naps.
We changed and went to the beach.  G-son was loving the nice sunny but not so hot day we were having. Everyone pretty much has to "tag team" him in the ocean as he seems to never wear out from riding those waves.
Love the Sea Gull in this pic !!!

Rebekah and Evy soon joined us .  Evy was a little more timid today than Sunday about getting in the water. But soon she was out there smiling with her mom.

We came in for lunch and a brief rest before heading right back out for more beach sun and fun for the afternoon.

D-in-love looks like she is enjoying the aftetrnoon.

We decided tonight we would do a "low country boil" so Hubbie, daughter, Rebekah and I went to the grocery for vegetables and a local seafood market to get some fresh crabs and shrimp for the boil.
Back home we put two big pots on the stove filled with potatoes, carrots, onions, corn on the cob, sausage, crab legs  and shrimp with spices.  #1 son brought his little gas grill to the back deck and cooked the live blue crabs out there.

We had a feast for sure and everyone ate their fill with some left over.
I'm glad Rebekah got to taste Blue Crab and #1 son and her ate all 6 of those as no one else thinks it is worth all the work to get the little bit of meat in each crab out even though it is delicious.

After I got all the dishes washed since the dishwasher doesn't work Hubbie, daughter, #2 son and I ventered out again for a long walk on the beach to walk off some of those calories from that big supper.  A wind direction change is bring northern water in and you can see it taking over the nice blue waters we have had for the last couple days. The water is cooler than it has been also.

.When we got back Rebekah had mopped the floor and the seafood smell was finally leaving the house.  Next year we will make room for an outside cooker.
I came upstairs to get my bath and blog while the rest of the family watched a movie.
Another fabulous day at the beach ends with a colorful sunset and moon rise.

Grateful to God for all the blessings of this day.
Good Night and God Bless