Thursday, July 16, 2015


Off to market this morning. Daughter was already there with her blackberries and baked goods. We got all my things set up with no interruptions , but that is a bad thing.  There were very few folks coming through market this morning so business was very slow.
I only had one order of 2 cakes today so I had a slow day for a late July Thursday. I am always thankful for all the things I do sell.
By the end of the day daughter and I were both feeling pretty wilted in the hot market as we loaded our things and left town. I took detours out of town because traffic signals all over one part of town from an accident left motorist wondering what to do at crossroads. The usual rule is that when the traffic light is out these intersections become 4-way stops but evidently not many motorist know this rule !!
I made stops at Sav-Mor, Aldi and Walmart as well as the bank and PO on my way out of town.
I arrived home just as hubbie got here from work at 4:15. We unloaded and I cooked an early supper. Re came by to pick up some Zuchinni squash to puree for BB.
After chores hubbie had a nominating committee meeting at church tonight so that left me alone to sit out in the covered patio with only this little guy for company as the day came to a close.
To move along with the decade photos this is happenings from July 1945 that my Aunt Hattie,mom's sister, put in an old scrapbook she made.
This old ration ticket is dated July 1945.

This is one of my aunt's calves from her Guernsey milk cow..
I am wiped out tonight from the heat of the day at market and from all the "just sitting" out there.
Headed for an earlier bedtime.
Grateful for a loving , gracious Lord who blesses me beyond measure everyday.
Praying hard tonight also for a friend of mine, Angela Lancaster, who had her Aorta rupture this morning. She was rushed to Asheville and into emergency surgery by a doctor that is called a "miracleworker". She made it through surgery and is in a drug induced coma for several days before we will know how much damage this did. She has 2 daughters and a son all of whom are my kids ages. Her son had a son the same age as g-son and he was with her this morning when this happened so I am praying hard for that little boy to have his grandmother back that he loves so much.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Sorry to hear about your friend. Will say a prayer for her. Very hot and humid here. Humidity makes me wilt like a flower without water. Have a great weekend. Blessings