Saturday, July 4, 2015


Seemed like it wasn't long at all from the time I laid down to the sound of that alarm this morning. Hubbie had gotten up earlier and said it was raining pretty hard but had slacked off so I hurried out to get the chores done before the rain started up again.
We headed out to market by a different route to dodge the parade preparations along the route we usually go.
The parade didn't start until 10:30 and it got rained on before it was over unfortunately. I love the fact that you definitely can tell where we are from when you see the top vehicles in our parades !!!

I am typing this sitting here at market at noon and the sun is shining again now.
Market has been busy today with all the orders being picked up and sales from the table have been good also.
Daughter was here with her Blackberries and breads early and had almost sold out when she left to join Josh and one of his brothers families from out of town to see a movie. 
Hubbie left to go by Sam's Club and Walmart. I am not making any stops today. I am heading straight home to start preparing the food for tonight.
With around 20 folks expected to our cook out this afternoon hubbie and I had a lot to do when I got home.
With on and off rain showers we got things all set up outside with the help of #2 son who came by to help. We kept an eye on the radar and figured the rain would be out of here by the time it was time to eat.
I put 2 peach cobblers in the ovens and a big pan of baked beans.  I also made peach ice cream to go with the cobbler.
The rain poured down just before the guest started arriving but thankfully it was gone and the sun broke through just in time. That hard shower along with some light showers earlier left almost 4/10ths inch in the gauge.
Everyone had a great time and the food was good also.

The corn hole game was the choice of the evening.
The kids also liked the toss and wrap game ,especially g-son who was pretty good at this.
The fellowship with Josh's family was great, we discovered many things in common and folks who we both knew. It is a "small world" !!
The kids all enjoyed one another . G-son standing on the left with some of Josh's nieces and nephews.
As darkness came they all headed off to watch the fireworks at Jackson park.
G-son acted as if he really enjoyed his new found friends ....

 Hubbie,#1 son, #2 son, and d-in-love stayed behind and cleaned up and put everything away except the things that were wet. We left the canopy up over the cookers in hopes that it will dry and we can get it down tomorrow before more rain moves in.
I love my lights !!!! They give off more light than I expected.
Thanks to Connie , Josh's mom for this lovely bouquet of patriotic flowers.
I always feel so sorry for our dogs on this night with all the boom booming of the fireworks from the neighbors around. Sadie is especially scared of the noise even if she is death.
They are pretty to look at though.

Grateful tonight for family and friends to celebrate our country's freedom with and thankful to a loving Lord for the opportunity to lift Him up.
Good Night and God Bless.

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