Tuesday, July 28, 2015


G-son was late getting here and didn't come until after 7:30, guess my inner clock was set for 7:00 and then I went back to sleep. When d-in-love called to say they were coming up the drive I had a hard time figuring out what was going on I was in such a deep sleep.
After I got him breakfast I got dressed and then Re brought a sleepy EL and BB over so she could go to a recertification course at the hospital this morning.
I did chores quickly while she was still getting them settled in.
When g-son was just starting to move around in a walker I don't remember moving anything off my shelves but that is not going to be true with this little guy  as just after 2 days in this walker he is moving right where he wants to go. And is becoming a quick expert at clearing off shelves !!!

Ahhhh!!!   Mimi I just wanted to read the newspaper !!!

By the look on his face he must have read some bad news.

 EL pretending to sleep !!!

G-son played well with BB while I got some cake baking done this morning. I baked 18 caramel cakes to fill a large Camp ending order for Green River Preserve.
Re came after them just before lunch and they had Sunday's left overs for lunch before they went home for naps.
After they left I did some house cleaning while watching the clouds fill the sky. The storms today all were east and south of our area and we only received a short sprinkle of rain. Just enough to really steam things up. I went to the garden and gathered bell peppers that are starting to get some rot on them and put them in the freezer. I was going to use them in my salsa but the tomatoes aren't ripening fast enough so when the tomatoes are ready I will take the peppers out of the freezer. Have no idea why I put 8 for the date, guess I'm trying to speed things along this month.

When Hubbie came in from work he bush hogged the upper pasture for Cayenne the horse while I moved some chicks around. I had to separate one of the white Silkies because the other chicks  had pecked her head bloody. I put her in what I called my hospital cage and then moved 3 of the bigger ones to the Silkie lot. I had to close a couple holes under the wire that these smaller chicks could slip through and by the time I did this I was soaked with sweat from the heat and humidity of the evening.
With the humidity also comes the mosquitoes as we have not seen many at all until now around the farm. Tonight they were out in droves and stopped our nightly relaxation in the covered patio.
I iced all my caramel cakes tonight to get a head start on a busy tomorrow.
God is so good to me all the time and I am so thankful for the blessings He sends me each day.
Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

Love the pictures of baby BB pulling things off the shelves. Reminds me of my son when he was that age. My grandson was never as curious as his dad. Didn't know you could freeze green peppers. I'll have to try that next time i get some. Blessings