Friday, July 3, 2015


Alarm sounded a bit earlier today so I could get things done and have Bernie at the vet by 9am. Hubbie is off today as his shop is closed for the fourth holiday.
We gathered a very nervous shaking Bernie up and got him to the vet. He is coughing again after we finished one of the meds she put him on a couple weeks ago, but his breathing has evened out and he acts like he feels better on the heart meds.  She didn't even take more pics of his heart. She said he looked so much better and his breathing was so much better. At this point we can just keep him medicated and comfortable so she gave us more of the treachea relaxing pills that we ran out of and said just find a dose that works best for him.
We made it home before 10am and I got started baking while hubbie did some work outside. It rained another 1/10th inch overnight so things are too wet to do much out there.
I baked 18 caramel, 7 chocolate and 1 coconut before stopping for lunch.
Daughter came by to get her dad and his truck to go up to church to pick up a couple "corn hole" boards for our party tomorrow night. He then went with her to get Josh's car and take it home as Josh has a bad migraine.
I cleaned house while they were gone and got out my decorations as well as came up with a plan for outside and a plan for inside depending on tomorrow's weather.  Hopefully we can be outside.
I almost forgot these red/white/blue rope lights I got on special at Ace hardware earlier this season.

They will add a nice touch to the outdoor patio and give off some light.

Hubbie and I cleaned up the tables ,rounded up enough chairs and got them cleaned up as well as trimmed some azalea bushes to make room for me to go onto the front porch from my parking place easier.
The weather this evening was perfect, only mid 70's and a little breeze blowing felt so good to be outside.
Hubbie gleaned the garden for more squash and I did chores and gathered eggs.
Hubbie went to town to Hot Dog World to pick up a greek salad for tomorrow. We had to get it today because they are closed tomorrow all day.
He said there was a terribly lot of traffic in town and on all the roads. Glad I am home !!
#1 son's family went to the Lake Lure fireworks display tonight and she text they were in very heavy traffic afterward.
I almost waited to late to get a picture of the lights lit up at the patio.

I started icing earlier tonight with the extra amount of cake orders for tomorrow but still was up until 1:00am getting things all done !!!
Thanking the Lord for the free country I live in and praying for all the men and women who risk their lives to give us this freedom.
HAPPY 4th of JULY !!!
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Hi Marilyn, As you probably know, I haven't been blogging much lately... Life gets in the way ---and we are just staying SO SO SO busy.. BUT--I guess that is a good thing...

Looks like you all are ready for a party!!!! Hope the weather cooperates... We have had over 6 inches of rain here this week --but we were almost in a drought ---SO we needed it!!!! At least, the rain held off (for the most part--except for drizzles here and there)---today for all of the community festivities.


Gail said...

Happy Independence Day!