Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Up and out in the still cool but sunny morning. After chores and breakfast I
read my devotions then headed outside for my morning walk. The air feels so fresh today after the recent rains. There was 2/10ths inch in the gauge from an overnight shower bringing our total rain fall for this passing system to just over 1/2 inch. With the sunshine it sure won't take long to dry things right back out and there is still places under trees and bushes that were not touched by the rain drops.
I heard squawks coming from the pond and spotted this large Egret protecting his space from a smaller grey Egret that flew away just as I snapped this pic. Love the reflection !

I love this pretty lily that was poking it's head around another plant.

As I walked the breeze that blew was blowing the dried out leaves from the trees, making it look like a Fall morning with floating leaves and all the leaves already on the ground. This is a Lombardy Poplar tree that routinely is the first around to drop it's leaves anyway.
I love these peaceful summer country mornings as I see the cattle already headed for the shade trees along the creek.
I look down on our mailboxes from the top of the hill and still marvel at how things might change in the coming year.

Back inside I baked 12 caramel, 3 chocolate, 4 pound cakes and a blackberry wine cake then had a late snack for lunch. I don't have much of an appetite today, maybe I'm just too tired from yesterday's canning activity.
I cleaned both bathrooms up before finally collapsing with a cup of green tea to take a short break.  The clouds have moved back in this afternoon but they really don't look like rain clouds and they are zooming across the sky.
Poor Bernie is having another rough time. He has stayed in his bed all day after a very restless night. I carried him outside to try to get him moving around to hopefully give him an appetite and it worked as he ate almost 1/2 can of dog food when we came back inside. He acted like he felt much better after that. He isn't eating hardly anything so I think his energy level gets depleted and he just wants to sleep. We are going to have to find another way to give him his pills because that's why he doesn't eat all his food , as soon as he realizes the pills are there he walks away.
After we did chores and scanned the garden for anything new, not finding anything even after the small amount of moisture we've had.
I watered all the potted plants that are under the porches and eaves before coming inside to start on weekly paperwork and get the bills paid.
I spent the rest of the evening icing cakes and getting things ready for market tomorrow.
I am very tired tonight and looking forward to a restful night of sleep.
Putting all my troubles at the Lord's feet tonight and thanking Him for all the undeserved blessings He sends my way each and every day.
God Bless.

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