Saturday, July 18, 2015


Off to market on this already hot Saturday morning. Traffic was light on the way there but the market parking lot was full.
Hubbie followed me in and helped me get set up between waiting on customers. It was a very good selling day. Only bad thing, I ran out of caramel cakes around noon !!  Fortunately I didn't have to listen to too many complaints.
It was so hot,91 degrees, and humid I actually got dizzy a couple times. I hooked up my little fan but it didn't do anything but move the hot air around.
By 1:30 market was empty and all us sellers were totally wilting away in the extreme heat as we got loaded up and closed the doors.
Just as I left market a few rain drops started falling. I only had to make one stop thankfully. At Aldi when I went in the rain hadn't reached there yet but I took my umbrella with me just in case. I could see lightening streaking downward and hear thunder as I walked across the parking lot.
I didn't have much to get today from there and hurried through trying to beat the storm.
I managed to make it back to the Honda before the hard rains started. I drove though some very heavy rain on the way home but ran into dry pavement on my road. As I sighed to think we weren't going to get any much needed rain today either a few huge raindrops hit the windshield.
As I turned into the drive the sky opened up and the rain poured. I sat in the car for over 15 minutes before it slacked enough for me to go inside. Hubbie who had gotten ran off the lawn mower by an earlier shower helped me unload ,
The rain came back and we took a break and watched from the sunroom as a much needed 6/10ths inch fell on the dehydrated grass,garden and plants.
This is a the storm's path as it moved over our area.
These Crepe Myrtle blossom hung low in front of the sunroom windows heavy with the rain.
The rain moved on out long before choretime. Hubbie dug some potatoes and then helped me pick green beans for tomorrow's lunch.
After we fed all the animals we relaxed awhile and then got an early bedtime. The heat in market sapped all my energy today and that coupled with the fact that I have not slept well the past several nights makes for a very tired lady tonight.
Before I sign off for the evening I will get in another decade memory. In July 1965 one of my first cousin's announced the engagement of her oldest daughter. That's what makes my family a little strange as my dad was the youngest of 13 children and I am a child from his third, late life marriage, that makes me  younger than all my first cousin's children.
Grateful for the blessings of this day and thankful for all the grace my loving Heavenly Father shows me.
Good Night and God Bless

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