Monday, July 20, 2015


Up to a beautiful morning and a busy day.  G-son was here at 7am and after chores and breakfast he wanted to go back out to see his goat friend Cinnamon at Carl Sandburgs.
We were off before the heat of the day rolled in.
As g-son and his long legs got far ahead of hubbie and me, especially since I forgot to put on my tennis shoes, he patiently waited for us to catch up.

It didn't take g-son long to re-connect with Cinnamon.

He tried to stay between her and the other bigger goats while she ate hay.
There is always one of any herd of animals that finds a different way to do things, as this little one found an easier way to eat than standing !!
She was a pretty playful one as she jumped and ran around the barn yard.
G-son got to watch as the older kids fed Cinnamon her bottle.
We walked down in the pasture with the mama goats.
This place sure is beautiful .
We all got hungry so we explored on our way out.  This is the garden gate .
Hubbie and g-son being "tree-huggers" !
My little "sunbeam" !!!!
Arranging his collection of Hickory nuts.
As we walked back by the front pond of the estate we didn't see a snake this time but saw this large Bass hovering over this fish bed.
We headed to Sub-Way for lunch.
 He made short work of that cheese and bacon pizza !!!
While we were out this morning d-in-love called and said for us to stay on that side of town since there was an armed man running from police around our area. The school she works at went into a lock down and had to send kids that were attending a summer camp home. They never found the man they were looking for but do have an identity for him.
While we ate she called and said they had called off the search.
We stopped by Ingles and then headed home.
I did three loads of laundry while picking, breaking and canning 12 quarts of green beans.
At 4:30 Re brought EL and BB over so she could go to a meeting before her work shift tonight.
D-in-love and Aa came after all the kids before it was chore time this evening.
The dark clouds looked like we might get some rain but I took a chance and got my largest hen house cleaned out and fresh shavings and straw put in before the thunder and lightening got uncomfortably close.
We only got a couple of light showers while a lot of areas around us got a drenching this evening.
After a hot green tea break I came inside to get my blog post wrote and get an early bed time.
I was so excited for daughter last night I had a hard time getting to sleep.
Thankful for a wonderfully blessed day and the joys of all these young kids around.
Good night and God Bless

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