Sunday, July 12, 2015


During the night, I'm not sure what time it was , something woke me. It was a swooshing sound and I immediately thought that it was probably a falling limb out of the Mimosa tree that is over grown with English Ivy below the house. I figured since nothing hit the house or anything else it could wait until morning and went back to sleep.
We discovered this morning it wasn't the Mimosa tree but this huge Oak tree along the upper pasture fence that fell.
It fell straight along the fence line and replaced the wire it tore down with it's trunk so that none of the cattle or horse were misplaced this morning.
Church was good today, our Pastor was back from a mission trip to Pennsylvania and the church was full.
We came home to a lunch of my special ham and mac and cheese casserole, fresh green beans, corn and potatoes with cucumber salad and sweet tea. #1 son's family, daughter and Josh were hubbie and I's only guest today as Re is not feeling well and #2 son is golfing.
After we ate hubbie, daughter and Josh took the corn hole boards we borrowed back to church then  went over to work on daughter's shower head that has low pressure.
Several of my church family had questions about the power line right of way that is coming through our area. This made me think about how much longer I would be able to relax out in the covered patio and end each day watching the cattle graze in the lower pasture.
It is staggering to think how different my life might be this time next year after almost 61 years on this farm I was born on !!! 
 The meetings about the line start Tuesday and all the details will be published online that day.
These two buddies kept me company all afternoon as we just relaxed and reflected on what might be coming.

 I am very torn on this, as I really don't want to live close to one of these high voltage lines so selling to them might be the best thing to do. But at this age the thought of starting completely over again is overwhelming, not to mention sorting and moving 31 years worth of "stuff" !!!
I am doing what I always do in these times,I'm turning it over to God !! After all He is in ultimate control.
Re came over for a plate of left overs for her and the kid's supper tonight. EL thought she was big enough to take brother for a ride in G-son's old jeep.
As the sun set the entire world took on an orange glow and the sky was really beautiful.
Even the eastern sky was pretty as this lone puffy cloud reflected the sun's fleeting last rays.
After listening to the news tonight I am glad we live on the Atlantic ocean side instead of the very active hurricane season Pacific. There are 6 storms brewing in the Pacific right now.
Thankful for a restful Sunday to get ready for a busy week with canning and baking to get done along with everything else that is going on in my life right now.
God is so good all the time !!!  I'm so glad I can lay all my troubles at His feet and know that His will is best.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

I am always grateful that God has such big shoulders for us to cry on. And leaving all our cares at His feet is the best thing to do. Only He knows what is best for us. Praying for you. Blessings