Thursday, July 30, 2015


Hubbie is going in late to work this morning so he can help get the large cake order to market. I can't haul 19 extra cakes plus all my other regular cakes in one vehicle.
We did chores and loaded everything and then made it to market at regular time. He helped me get set up then went on to work.
I sold very well today and had the large order so it was a very good Thursday for a change.
It is stifling hot in market today. I have gotten dizzy a couple times and had to get out my ice packs from my lunch cooler to help get cooled back down. I have my little fan running but it is still hot air moving around. After lunch the aisles cleared out and I'm sure everyone is looking for cooler places to be. Most of the sellers have left. I had a regular customer call and is coming up from Travelers Rest SC to pick up a couple cakes so I am stuck waiting on him. 
After market I had regular errands to run plus shopping for baking supplies for tomorrow at Aldi and Walmart. Yes it is a very hot day.

When I got home hubbie was already home from work. We unloaded and I had an early supper because we are going with daughter and Josh to look at a couple wedding venues this evening.
They got here a little after 5:00 and we were on our way up Bearwallow mountain to the Grand Highlands at Bearwallow. This is a very nice place with a lovely view and plenty of room if you luck up and have a nice day to have your wedding.

 As we headed back to the car this rainbow was in the sky. Apparently it had rained somewhere in the distance.
 Next we went to check out a place called "The Cabins at Sugarloaf" which was a very nice place but very rural. No power except from generators and no air conditioning anywhere. The restrooms were run from gravity rainwater caught in two 1500 gallon tanks . It actually had a nicer view than Bearwallow but was even smaller.

I loved how she had saved all the old furniture in the old buildings.

This hand painted saw blade was painted by a friend of mine Ruth Ellen Busbee Boreman.
We made it home around 8:00 and they hurried off to get some supper. Hubbie and I hurried through chores as all the animals were wondering where we were I'm sure.
As I looked at the huge "Blue Moon" that seems to hang low in the clear sky tonight I felt very happy that the clouds drifted away in time for this "once in a Blue Moon" to be viewed tonight. There won't be another one of these until 2018.

I was planning to get some baking done tonight but I am way to tired for that. Tomorrow is another day !!  And it will be another very busy one for sure.
Thanking God for the wonderful world He created for our pleasures. Grateful for the blessings of this day.
Good Night and God Bless

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