Thursday, July 23, 2015


Off to market early this cloudy cool morning.
Market was empty of customers when I arrived and pretty much stayed that way all day for a very slow sales day. There were even very few sellers that were out today as evidenced by the empty aisles.

The weather is cool and the clouds hung low all day but no rain until I got ready to load the Honda.
It was just a sprinkle and didn't even wet the pavement.I did take my umbrella into Aldi when I stopped there but didn't need it on the way out as the rain shower had already passed.
I also stopped at Walmart to pick up baking supplies for tomorrow.
I made it home around 4:00 and it was totally dry here with no signs of even a sprinkle of rain.
Hubbie came in and we took a break and watched the news before doing chores.
We had a relaxing evening.
Daughter went out fishing with Josh and his brother this morning but they didn't catch any fish.

Talked to her this afternoon and she sounds like she is having a wonderful time. I am so happy for her.
Moving on with July decade activity back in 1995 our summer was filled with baseball tournaments as #2 son's all star team won district and state tournaments.

Son was a pitcher that year as well as one of the better hitters. They had a very good team.

They won the tournament.
 Team with their big first place trophies.
Daughter, who looks like it is a very hot day, was always along on these trips and so was our then dog, Pepper.
Someone took a picture of hubbie and I as we walked into the ball park.
There was always time for fun in the pool back at the hotel after the games.
The entire team and their parents always stayed at the same hotel so we were like one big family during those years.  Those were fun times for sure !!
As hubbie and  I sat out in the covered patio tonight we were watched by this same transparent eared friend who comes out each day we are out there.
We watched the progression of the clouds as the sun set. Looks like no rain for us tonight as the clouds break up. We were supposed to get rain today and tonight but so far nothing.

Thankful tonight for the wonderful memories God blessed my family with as we raised our kids and made our way through life with 3 young ones.
I humbly thank God each time I look at these old photos as to what He has blessed me with.
Praying tonight for the family of my friend Angela Lancaster as she passed away today after being unhooked from life support yesterday. May they seek God's comfort during this very hard time in their lives.
Good Night and God Bless.

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